The three best new films and series on Netflix # 148

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Every week we watch the new films and series that Netflix has added. This week includes the beginning of the fifth season of The 100.

The 100 (four seasons + S05E01)

In The 100 we meet a hundred selected young people who are sent to Earth from space. After the earth has been declared virtually unviable by nuclear bombs, a large number of people live in a space station above our planet. To check if the planet is liveable again, a hundred young people are sent down. But these are people who made mistakes and were locked up because of their crimes. This can only result in tension and friction, especially in the first hours …

Arrested Development (four seasons)

According to the viewers of the series, Arrested Development is one of the funniest series of all time. It sometimes contains subtle humor that is not picked up by everyone, which is why the show has never become so popular. After three seasons, the plug was already pulled out – attention was paid to this in the series itself. When Netflix announced a fourth season, the fans were very happy – but the result was disappointing. From today a new version of the fourth season can be seen on video streaming service Netflix.

Dear White People: Vol. 2

Dear White People is a series about a white community where a diverse group of students faces discrimination, racism and all sorts of stereotypes. The first season was not exactly a storm in a glass of water and the second season seems to be even more important, by focusing on all-right groups on the campus, police violence against black students and all kinds of sexual preferences and identities. After seeing the episodes, there will undoubtedly be a lot of discussion.

Netflix – a paid video streaming service

Netflix is ​​a paid video streaming service where you can watch a variety of films and series for a fixed monthly fee. unlimited, so as often and as long as you want. Because the offer can sometimes be overwhelming, we try to pick out three good, eye-catching or funny films and series every week, so you can sit back and enjoy the weekend.