The three best new films and series on Netflix # 145

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Every week we watch the new films and series that Netflix has added. This week includes the first season of Lost in Space.

Lost in Space (one season)

In the sixties people could already enjoy the series Lost in Space, which was also filmed in 1998. But what turned out? That film was completely jerky. Nevertheless, the series has found a place in the Netflix offer. The series takes place in 2046. That is already 29 years, so you would not expect that a lot has changed. Yet the Robinson family, along with other families, have stepped onto a spaceship to build a life on another planet. But obviously things do not go as planned …

DC Legends of Tomorrow (3 seasons)

If you always have to wait until the series has all the episodes of a season on Netflix, then we have good news: this week is the season finale of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – perhaps the best DC Comics series of the moment – appeared online. In this series you come across a group of heroes and villains who initially have nothing to do with each other, but who have to save the world (and time as we know it) from all kinds of supervillains (who can also travel through time and things like that). ).

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (four seasons)

One of the most hilarious comedy series of the moment is Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The main roles include Andy Samberg, Terry Crews and Melissa Fumero, who all have their role at the police station. It is a comedy in the style of The Office, but then, where possible, even drier. Since Thursday you can see the fourth season of this comical police series, after Netflix had already added the previous three seasons. Have you not seen this series yet? What are you waiting for?

Netflix – a paid video streaming service

Netflix is ​​a paid video streaming service where you can watch a variety of films and series for a fixed monthly fee. unlimited, so as often and as long as you want. Because the offer may be overwhelming, we try to pick out three good, eye-catching or funny films and series every week, so that you can sit back in the weekend.