Thorens TD 403 DD & TD 1500: Record player with Ortofon systems

Two new Record player with Ortofon systems launched by Thorens, called Thorens TD 403 DD & TD 1500. Both are equipped with latest technology.

The traditional manufacturer Thorens has announced two new record players. The two lathe machines are not yet available, but they could already find a place on the Christmas wish list – because, according to Thorens, they will be available in December.

Thorens TD 403 DD: technology and concept

The TD 403 DD is described by Thorens as a “puristic drive” because it does not have an automatic limit switch and also has no internal MM phono stage. It is a direct drive turntable with a 1.4 kilogram and 22 millimeter thick turntable made of cast aluminum. The tonearm is the TP 150, which is also used in the more expensive TD 1500. A magnetic pickup system from Ortofon, namely the 2M Blue with bare diamonds and elliptical cut, is pre-assembled and adjusted at the factory.

The Ortofon 2M Blue is already pre-assembled and adjusted on the Thorens TD 403 DD record player

The anti-skating takes place in the classic way via a sliding weight in the arm base, the tracking force can be varied to such an extent that, according to Thorens, pickups with a dead weight of 6 to 30 grams can be used. The record player Thorens TD 403 DD is available in walnut or black high gloss – at a price of 1,399 euros including pickup.

Thorens TD 1500: For even higher demands

The TD 1500 is a classic sub-chassis drive in the best Thorens tradition. It stands in the tradition of the TD 150, which was introduced in 1965. The sub-chassis decouples the aluminum platter – again weighing 1.4 kilograms and 22 millimeters thick – and the tone armboard via three conical springs from the motor and frame. The belt-driven turntable has a motor control with an incremental encoder, which is supposed to ensure good synchronization values ​​and, even when using, for example, traveling brooms, always keeps an eye on the correct speed.

Thorens TD 1500 record player: back with XLR connectors

The back of the Thorens TD 1500: Here Thorens donated XLR connections to his record player

The TP 150 tonearm is also used in the Thorens TD 1500, it has an effective mass of only 14 grams and can be adjusted in height and azimuth. An MM cartridge is also pre-assembled, namely the Ortofon system 2M bronze with bare diamonds and fine-line cut.

In addition to a cinch connection, there is also an XLR connection on board, so that real symmetrical operation is possible. The recommended price for the record player Thorens TD 1500, which is available in walnut or high-gloss black, is 1,999 euros.