Thorens introduces TD 124 DD 140th Anniversary Turntable

Thorens introduces TD 124 DD 140th Anniversary Turntable - TD 124 DD 140th Anniversary record player is an upgraded version of the TD 124 DD model it launched in 2020,

What does a company with such a rich history give to itself and its fans on its 140th anniversary? A turntable can still be proud of 20, 30, or 50 years from now. Chores have provided the limited TD 124 DD 140th Anniversary with the best prerequisites.

The Thorens TD 124 is among the iconic turntables in HiFi history; thousands of music enthusiasts, hobbyists, and professionals worldwide will agree. The 60s-era turntable is immortal for its proverbial durability and its sound, which still captivates as it did 60 years ago. The reissue of this classic faced a major challenge: combining the design language of the legendary predecessor with timelessly relevant sound quality and the advantages of modern design and manufacturing methods. He took his time. And in 2020, after years of development, the TD 124 DD was introduced, a completely new player dressed in the garb of its famous ancestor. It has the same musicality, future-proofing, and a newly developed world-class tonearm, the TP 124.

TD 124 DD 140th Anniversary: ​​Valuable Upgrades

The worldwide success of the TD 124 DD did not stop us from continuing to research, listen and experiment with this already highly refined player. In the process, some effective upgrades have been discovered, which are now incorporated into this Anniversary player, the TD 124 DD 140th Anniversary. One visible improvement at first glance is the new two-layer platter, which connects the already heavy aluminum platter of the 124 DD with a five-millimeter-thick layer of solid copper. The sonic success of this measurement is not only due to the increase in mass but also to the interaction of two different materials whose resonances cancel each other out. Concerns about the chainring bearing are unfounded since it had already been generously oversized for the TD 124 DD and the transmission, which could handle even greater loads on the go.

Less obvious than the sandwich platter but just as rewarding is the new wiring on the TP 124 tonearm. A high-purity silver-plated wire connects the cartridge to the outputs on the Anniversary version. The new wiring has a particularly positive impact on low-output moving coil (MC) cartridges. This family of systems also includes the third exclusive update to the Anniversary: ​​a special SPU 124 version produced by the Danish manufacturer Ortofon with pure silver coils. Ortofon was even persuaded to make the classic cartridge shell out of the old material, Bakelite, instead of the new fiber-resin composite. Those eager to add one to their SPU collection should be disappointed: This limited-edition, world-class MC capsule is only available as a bundle with the TD 124 DD 140th Anniversary.

Proven benchmark class quality arm and drive

The powerful direct drive of the TD 124 DD is also used in the Anniversary model. It guarantees a perfect and silent operation in the long term with a complete performance without maintenance. And it provides that special dynamic grip reminiscent of the firm friction-wheel sound of the original 60-year-old model but enriched with elegant new facets. Aside from the silver wiring, the TP 124 arm is the same as the 2020 model. Its torsionally resistant arm tube, slightly higher effective mass, excellent bearing quality, and SME head coupling make it a competent guide for the best MC systems.

The Eye Also Celebrates: The Anniversary Finish

To match the occasion, a beautiful and timeless real wood veneer has been selected that visually transforms the TD 124 DD 140th Anniversary into a precious rarity. For a harmonious overall impression, the plinth and armrests are enhanced with high-gloss lacquered and hand-polished wood. Naturally, it stays true to the turntable’s classic, understated, and relatively compact proportions. This creates an analog gem combining refined design, uncompromising quality, and exceptional consistency.

It would be great to build more, but…

It has been decided to put only 140 units of the Anniversary model on the market. It must remain truly special. Since the limited quantity guarantees exclusivity, the price has been deliberately calculated to be moderate: The TD 124 DD 140th Anniversary is only available as a complete set, including the SPU 124 Anniversary, at €11,999.