Thorens DAVE 008 phono amplifier launched

Thorens DAVE 008 phono amplifier launched and The sale of the Dave 008 begins today April 1, 2022 under 1,000 euros..

Turntable manufacturer Thorens has released the Dave 008, a special phono amplifier that is equipped with an HDMI output. The Dave 008 can convert a two-channel signal from a record into a multi-channel Dolby Atmos signal. Thorens has collaborated with MSM Studio in Munich and Emil Berliner Studio in Berlin to convert the analog 2-channel RIAA signal into a high-quality multi-channel Dolby Atmos signal. Thorens Dave 008: An incredible quantum leap in vinyl development

Thorens has launched an innovative device with the Dave 008. The technology for a Dolby Atmos vinyl record has been developed together with the Emil Berliner studios in Berlin and the MSM studios in Munich.

The technology for cutting analog master vinyl is based on an evolution of the Quadro LP, which was appreciated by music lovers in the 1970s. According to Gunter Kürten of Thorens, the manufacturer Thorens has been involved in the development of the new standard. since the beginning of the project and is the first manufacturer to present a technical solution to play discs encoded in Dolby Atmos.

Stefan Bock from MSM-Studio declares that he is happy with Thorens’ participation in the project. “Thorens is a strong partner who has recognized the potential of multi-channel vinyl playback.” Rainer Maillard of Emil Berliner Studio hopes to be able to merge the two worlds of purist two-channel vinyl playback on the one hand and multi-channel surround sound playback on the other.

Thorens Dave 008 Dolby Atmos vinyl encoder is the first device to make this technology accessible to a wide audience. The Dave 008 can be easily added to any Dolby Atmos compatible AV system. Any turntable can be used to play Dolby Atmos vinyl records.

Patrick Schappert, owner of Grobi-TV in Kaarst, will be responsible for the worldwide distribution of Dave 008. “We are pleased to have one of the most competent home theater specialists on board, even beyond the borders of Germany,” he said. Schappert.

The sale of the Dave 008 begins today April 1, 2022. The Dave 008 changes hands for just under 1,000 euros.