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This way you have WiFi everywhere with a Portable MiFi router

This way you have WiFi everywhere with a Portable MiFi router. Read this article to understand the concept of this newly MiFi router.

This way you have WiFi everywhere with a Portable MiFi router- It is an annoyance for many Dutch people. Lack of internet via the hotel or the camping WiFi is just not available at the spot where you are with the caravan. And let’s be honest, how safe is such a WiFi network? Then everyone should switch individually to mobile internet on their smartphone? That is always possible, of course, but everyone should have just enough data available. Fortunately, a simple solution is a MiFi router. MiFi stands for Mobile WiFi and creates a WiFi network based on a SIM card.

A SIM card goes into the MiFi router, which then converts the 4G signal to WiFi. Then you can connect the whole family with smartphones, laptops, tablets and even smart home devices to the MiFi router, which can simply be found as a WiFi network. So you only need one good SIM card with enough data to use the internet with the whole family on holiday.

Choose your SIM card

And what kind of SIM card do you need? You can use a special data SIM card, because of course you don’t need calling minutes, but only the data part of your subscription. It doesn’t have to. You can also just take your normal SIM card out of your smartphone and push it into the MiFi router. However, pay attention to the amount of GBs with your data plan. The data will fly through it if everyone starts using the mobile WiFi router.

Our tips are therefore to use a SIM card with an unlimited number of GBs. This way you can use the internet on holiday with the whole family without any worries. And the good news is that you can use the subscription that you simply took out in the Netherlands in almost the entire European Union, without extra costs. Just take out a sim-only unlimited data plan and you’re covered for the entire holiday. For 15 to 20 euros per month you already have a SIM-only subscription with unlimited internet. Just to be sure, check the conditions. And do you prefer prepaid? That too is possible. It doesn’t matter for the MiFi router. You can often also take out bundles via prepaid for a day, weekend or the entire month with unlimited internet. Outside the European Union, and that can also be countries in Europe, you are often better off getting a prepaid SIM card locally. Then you just pay the local costs.

In all cases, keep in mind that unlimited internet is really unlimited, because that can often differ per provider.

Portable MiFi Router

You have 4G routers that you have to provide with a fixed power connection, but that is of course not flexible enough. On vacation, a MiFi router with battery is ideal. You simply throw this in your backpack, in the car or, if necessary, in your pocket and you always have a mobile WiFi network with you. A day at the amusement park or a walk in the woods? You just have your own WiFi network with you. These portable MiFi routers are battery powered and often last up to a day. Of course you can simply recharge them afterwards and use the power as usual.

Are you a real ‘working nomad’ and do you travel all over Europe with your laptop and your camper? Then a portable MiFi router is also ideal. Have you found a nice place and do you want to get some work done? Provided mobile internet is available, you can simply use your own wifi network get started, from anywhere. The speed of your homemade WiFi network does of course depend on the range and availability of the mobile network.

Safety above all

Another big advantage of a MiFi router, besides the flexibility, is security. Who knows who is watching the public Wi-Fi network of your hotel or campsite? Do you dare to do your banking or open important documents on a WiFi network that you do not know? I would not do it. By bringing your own MiFi router, you have control over your own WiFi network. Change the basic settings and choose a good password. Then it really is your own private network.

Buy portable MiFi router

Which MiFi router can you take on holiday this year? We discuss a high-end product and an affordable alternative. Note that a MiFi router is a bit more expensive than your router at home. Prices for a good model start around 150 euros and are you looking for real speed? Then you are at 300 euros or more. And on top of that are the costs of a SIM card. You can easily take the following models with you on holiday, so that you can use your own WiFi network with the whole family via a SIM card on the MiFi router.

Netgear Nighthawk M2

A portable dual-band 4G+ router with a maximum speed of 2 Gbps and a battery that you can use for 24 hours without recharging. The speed is more than sufficient to stream content in 4k and to play games, provided the mobile network allows. Netgear speaks of a real ‘travel router’ and you can connect up to 20 devices. Control is via the touch screen with meter for data usage and there is an app to set everything to your liking. There is also an Ethernet connection to connect a device wired. You can even use it as a power bank when your smartphone is empty. The Netgear Nighthawk M2 is available in this way from 399 euros.

TP Link M7650

An older device, but reliable and not that expensive. For 149 euros you get the TP-Link M7650. The speed is not comparable to the above powerhouse from Netgear at 600 Mbps, but the speed will be more than enough for your vacation. Thanks to the built-in battery, you can easily take this device with you in the car. The battery lasts for 15 hours and you can connect up to 32 devices. That’s even more than the above high-end product from Netgear.