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The way to get more out of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney + and more

Get more out of straming services
Get more out of straming services : The tips to get more out from services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Videoland, Disney + and HBO Go.
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When you hear your colleagues, friends or family members talking about a series, you can of course quickly look it up in the streaming service where it can be seen and go watch it. However, you can get more out of straming services as there is much more to get from services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Videoland, Disney + and HBO Go. With these tips we will help you on your way.

Get more out of straming services- Tips

Get more out of straming services -Watching offline

Although we are now not so often on the plane, you can save a lot of data from your phone if you download series offline. Especially if you go to the beach, the park or a lawn with this beautiful weather, it is useful to put something on your tablet or smartphone. Maybe not even for yourself, but for example for your child who is a huge fan of Princess Sofia on Disney +. Most streaming services offer the option to download series and movies. This way you can view them within the app while you are not on the internet. Please note: with Netflix there is an expiration date on your downloads, while for example Disney + allows unlimited downloading. you can also scroll through the library of the streaming service yourself. Almost all services have a watchlist option, where you can make a to-do list of movies and series that you ever want to watch. There is no expiration date, although it may of course be that the films and series of the streaming service go off. Also handy if you talk to someone or read something about a series: you put them on your watchlist and you can watch them when it suits you.

Get more out of straming services -Using Lists

Most streaming services are designed to recommend other movies and series based on what you were already watching. They assume that when you watch something, your interest is there and you want to see more such films and series. However, it pays to look beyond that. Each streaming service has its own lists, but Netflix’s are by far the most fun: “watching together for older kids,” “award-winning binge-worthy thriller series” and “crime-fighting women,” for example. These are “genres” that you would not immediately think of yourself, but where you can often get good inspiration for new series.

We would like to add a nice tip. Because the supply lists sometimes changes within the app of the service. You can access many more lists via the company’s website by using codes. You can do this at[vul code in]. Here you will find the list of codes (if you click on the code on this page, you will also end up on that page). Netflix has a lot of categories and genres, so there will probably be something tailored to your preferences.

Get more out of straming services -Share movies and series on social media

Did you know that you have a share button on various streaming services? For example, you can quickly place a beautiful record of that great film in your Instagram Stories or via Whatsapp point your partner to that new season Casa de Papel that is live. So you don’t have to be complicated yourself with taking a screenshot or a video of your television, it is just a few taps and you have tipped others a good movie or series. Or a very bad one, of course, because if something lends itself well to social media, it is sharing your unvarnished opinion.

Use a Chrome extension for IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes information

Although Netflix offers us a lot, that “match” percentage is not that interesting. You want to know if that content you have in front of you is well reviewed by others or by critics. There are several Chrome extensions that can help you with that, if you watch Netflix through the browser. IMDb Ratings for Netflix is ​​one of them, which ensures that for every movies or series on Netflix you will see on the right side what it has for the Internet Movie Database. Pay attention to whether the extensions are regularly updated, because it must remain safe of course. This is not necessary with Amazon Prime Video . That has “X-Ray”, where you can read the actor biographies and other information about the film or series. This information is taken directly from Amazon’s IMDb.

Use the Netflix Party Chrome extension to watch together remotely

A handy Chrome extension for now, but also if you’re on the train or on the plane with your partner wants to watch the same on your own phone: Netflix Party. This allows you to watch something together, without having to count down and simultaneously press “play”. One person has the power to press “play” or “pause”, after which it starts and stops for all people in the “party” at the same time. Certainly useful in times of home, but also not at all wrong if you sit next to each other but everyone wants or has to use their own device.

Change the font

Not many people know that it is possible, but if you don’t like the subtitles of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Disney + it is customizable . You can adjust the font in some services and, for example, in others how much shadow is behind the subtitles. It can often be set per profile, so that everyone has their own favorite. Handy, because this often depends on the device you use.

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