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This is how you connect the Smart Chime to the LSC Smart Connect video doorbell

This article will guide you about how you connect the Smart Chime to the LSC Smart Connect video doorbell successfully.

The video doorbell of retail chain Action remains extremely popular. It is an affordable video doorbell that still has all the basic functionalities, such as a Full HD resolution (1,920 by 1,080 pixels), a viewing angle of 145 degrees, night vision up to 5 meters, a Wi-Fi range of 25 meters and two-way communication. Images can be saved with a micro SD card up to 128 GB and the video doorbell has an IP54 certificate and is therefore somewhat resistant to water and dust (splash-proof). You can set up and use the video doorbell in the LSC Smart Connect app. Also in our review we were quite satisfied with the video doorbell from Action, but do you really have to keep your smartphone close to you at all times? Is there no smart gong, or smart chime available? Fortunately today!

Action has made it easy for you as a user. You don’t have to work with your existing bell connections, but simply plug the video doorbell into the socket. It just has a plug. Convenience serves people! One downside is your existing gong. You don’t connect that easily. In the past we received a lot of questions about which gong you should use, because of course you do not always have an eye on your notifications on your smartphone. And you want to know when someone is at the door. The gong by Marmitek, the Bell Me, is a good option. It works perfectly with the LSC Smart Connect video doorbell. You can also find options via aliexpress, but that can also be difficult. Which model works and which does not work with the Action video doorbell? Fortunately, the retail chain itself also realized that this might not be all that convenient. The solution? Launch a smart gong yourself. At store chain Action you can now buy the Smart Chime, a wireless gong for only 3.99 euros in the color white or black. A perfect complement to the LSC Smart Connect video doorbell that costs only 29.95.

How exactly can you link the Smart Chime to the video doorbell? Admittedly, there is a manual with the LSC Smart Connect Smart Chime, but the accompanying text is not always clear. Learn button and learn mode? What is that? The sender? What are we talking about? Fortunately, the images are a bit clearer and you can figure it out in most cases. However, we regularly receive questions about connecting the Smart Chime to the LSC Smart Connect video doorbell, so let’s try to write a clearer guide than the retail chain itself.

Connecting the Smart Chime

How can you connect the LSC Smart Connect smart chime to your video doorbell? First, you don’t need the app at all this time. We really link the Smart Chime to the video doorbell. The Smart Chime also does not appear in the app, even after pairing. So put your smartphone aside for a while.

The Smart Chime has three buttons on the top, as seen in the photo above. Two large buttons for selecting a melody (the musical note) and one button for changing the volume (speaker). There is a small button in the middle. This is the button you need to use to pair the smart chime with the video doorbell. This is also the button that Action itself calls the ‘learn button’ in the manual. You can’t press it with your fingers, so use a skewer, pen, paper clip or something else that fits in the hole. Anyway, first of all we need three AA batteries. At the back, you remove the cover from the Smart Chime to place three AA batteries. After inserting the batteries, music plays immediately. Use a narrow object to press and hold the center button until the blue light on the front of the chime starts flashing. As soon as the light flashes, press the bell button on the video doorbell. You’ll know you’ve done the right thing when sound comes out of the Smart Chime. That’s all and it really can’t go wrong.

The Smart Chime is now connected to the LSC Smart Connect video doorbell. When the doorbell rings, music sounds through the smart gong. You can choose a melody with the music button (including the well-known Nokia tune). In total you can choose from seven different melodies and with the volume knob you can set the volume, with four different settings to choose from. Mind you, the smart gong is very loud. You can place this model anywhere in the house as long as it is within 80 meters of the video doorbell. That is the distance that Action itself indicates in the manual.

Smart Chime also works with other video doorbells

We were curious if the Smart Chime would also work with other video doorbells that work via the Tuya platform. This Smart Chime works through RF and we have seen that often with such gongs. We grab the Kruidvat video doorbell and linking was a piece of cake here too. You are therefore not obliged to use this model only with the Action video doorbell. Every comparable Tuya video doorbell (Marmitek, Kruidvat, Nedis, etc.) works with this smart gong from LSC Smart Connect.