These helpful Android apps for you with the smartest life hacks

This article will inform you about helpful Android apps for you that still provide you with those handy life wisdoms and life hacks

Are you someone who regularly consults Grandma Knows Council? Or are you on vacation and looking for the best way to get that Nutella stain out of your white t-shirt? Lifehacks, as the name suggests, apply to everything in life. They are things that make you think: ‘If only I had learned those in school instead of the Pythagorean theorem…’ Fortunately there are plenty of helpful Android apps who can still provide you with those handy life wisdoms and life hacks.

life hacks

A life hack is a trick or way of thinking that often allows you to solve a problem in an instant. That bottle of wine you bought on vacation, when you don’t have a corkscrew in your hotel room? That way to light a deep candle without burning your hands (spoiler: spaghetti)? There are apps that help you with all these tips and where you can also conveniently search by topic, in addition to sending you notifications to delight you at random times with an instructive life hack. These are good examples of such apps.

Life Hacks

The most obvious app is Life Hacks. This is probably one of the most complete life hack apps out there. The hacks are divided into different categories, where you can get life hacks about studying, eating, parenting and saving money, for example. The app has a very nice design with funny animations to keep it unambiguous. As with other lifehack apps, some lifehacks are very silly, like ‘always put salt and pepper on the table. Even if you’re sure your food doesn’t need it, that’s neat.’ But also a life hack that is really useful, such as how best to calculate how much drink you should get for a party: assume 2 drinks per hour.

This app gets frequent updates and you don’t even need to log in to it, so you can start using it right after download. However, if you choose to log in with Google, you can save the best lifehacks. There is a disadvantage to Life Hacks, which is that many tips consist of small articles with multiple tips, so that you can swipe from tip to tip a little less easily than you would expect. There are also advertisements in this app, but it is not so bad how present they are.

Life Hacks App

Unlike many other lifehack apps, the Life Hacks app from Rstream Labs is available in Dutch, but we recommend going for English if that’s not a problem. It’s clearly a bad translation, where you’ll come across phrases like “I hack occasionally” and “simple phone hacks that will divide your life into before and after the hack.” In short, English is the best option in this app, which looks a bit cluttered in design.

In addition, this app is really for visually oriented people: people who would rather watch a video about how to seal their wall, than read an explanation with text and pictures. There’s really no explanation in text either, so you do need to take the time (and have earplugs with you) to watch and listen to the videos.

Life Hack Tips

Life Hack Tips is a somewhat cleaner-looking life hack app, which has spelling mistakes here and there, but does come up with real tips and not all kinds of clicks (or ticks). The category division and the appearance of the app are a bit tougher. Here you will find real tips for survival, so not a handy cleaning tip, although they are also included.

You can also receive a daily lifehack as a notification on your phone, so that you learn something every day that can be very useful later on. The app is also free to use and some people call the app ‘affectionately’ an ideal replacement for the magazine in the toilet. The English is not always that strong in this app, but the tips are no less.


There are also a few apps that don’t contain a collection of life hacks, but are life hacks in their own right. Flush is definitely one of them as it can tell you where the nearest public toilet is in seconds based on your location. Essential information if your stomach suddenly starts to growl or you have simply consumed a lot of water or other drinks. You don’t have to log in, after downloading you can immediately see where you can, well, download yourself. There are more than 200,000 toilets in the app, so that should be fine.

dark sky

We are all a little obsessed with the weather in the Netherlands. That is not surprising: it is a useful topic of conversation and the weather in our country is simply more changeable than that in Ibiza. Many people swear by Buienradar, but for people who don’t care much about the weather, Dark Sky is actually better. That app mainly focuses on what to wear and when you will get rain in your area. You can switch very quickly because this app will notify you so quickly. This way you can better avoid those big rain showers. This app is also free and you do not have to log in, besides that it is also Dutch.


Not everyone entrusts this ABN Amro app with their financial data, but if you do, it is a good life hack. Grip shows exactly which categories your money goes to. It can also let you know how much money you spend annually on Netflix, Disney+ and other subscriptions. You can also set how much money you want to spend on certain categories, which is useful, for example, if you want to limit your expenditure on clothing, or on groceries.