The real benefits of a foldable phone

benefits of a foldable phone: They were viewed with suspicion when they were introduced, but now they has become more and more common. This is why.
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The real benefits of a foldable phone: At first it seemed to be just a gimmick, and also a very unstable one, but now folding phones have become a lot more normal thanks to the efforts of Samsung. Whether you opt for a clamshell model that opens like an oyster, or for a kind of book model: there are many advantages to be gained from the foldable telephone.

Benefits of a foldable phone

In 2018, the world’s first foldable phone appeared: FlexPai. Not exactly a well-known one, but that changed in February 2019 for the foldable devices. That’s when it appeared Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X. Ultimately, later that year, Motorola and TCL also came up with their own foldable smartphones and successors to many foldable devices have already appeared, with the provisional highlight so far being the Oppo Find NO which does many things well, but is unfortunately not available in the Netherlands. Foldable smartphones are unfortunately often a bit expensive, but it is still worth considering this special phone type.

The folding screen: an engineering marvel

The idea of ​​a folding phone screen is very strange, because we are so used to the ‘hard’, straight screens of a regular smartphone. We can imagine a foldable device that has two screens with a thick hinge in between, but what about foldable phones that have one long screen (which are actually the only real folding phones)? The screen is a technical marvel, because it can fold due to a special type of OLED that consists of several layers. Instead of glass, a new material has been chosen that is flexible. It remains special to look at, such a fold in your screen and that is only possible through years of technological developments.

It is the ideal hybrid between smartphone and tablet

Everyone thought that tablets were completely on the decline until the pandemic broke out. With their large screens, phones have come closer and closer to tablets, but people seemed to need a slightly larger screen for their games, Zoom meetings and shopping sessions. That is probably also one of the reasons that the foldable phone became more popular: it is the perfect combination between phone and tablet, so that you can enjoy Netflix on the train, after which you fold it and slide it into your pocket. The fact that you suddenly have a large screen at your disposal is probably the biggest plus of a foldable device.

Benefits of a foldable phone: You can multitask perfectly on it

Another big advantage of such a foldable device is that it lends itself well to multitasking. Think of it like working on two monitors. In one corner you have your Excel from which you have to read information, while in the other corner you have a Word document open in which you process the data. Or think of entertainment: on the one hand you have WhatsApp open, for example, while on the other side a YouTube video is playing. A foldable phone therefore helps you very well with multitasking

More space for hardware

We actually never see it anymore because smartphones are completely boarded up these days, but on the inside each part is perfectly matched to the next part. It is small, delicate and every millimeter is used to make the device functional and handy. With a foldable device you have twice the space, so that you can store a larger battery or a more powerful processor, for example. All things that only make the phone better and for which there is simply no space in an ordinary device.

More power for the cameras

Where normal phones have a camera island at the back and a separate selfie camera at the front, this is not necessary with foldable phones. After all, you can still fold it in for that selfie. This gives manufacturers the opportunity to pay even more attention to just that camera island. Unfortunately, they certainly don’t all do that, but technically the designers don’t have to think about what they are doing with a selfie camera, leaving time and room for improvement on the main camera with its sensors.

Falls to pieces less quickly

You’ve probably experienced it: you drop your phone, it falls -of course- with its screen down and you can hear it already: your screen is shattered to pieces. Both due to the flexible material of which a foldable device is made and the fact that you close many foldable devices with the screen on the inside, there is a greater chance that it will survive a knock.

More information about benefits of a foldable phone

Foldable phones are still a bit pricey, a bit heavier and a bit more complicated to use than the standard phone, but the strange flaws we saw in that very first Samsung Galaxy Fold? These are foldable phones now outgrown. They have now become devices that are definitely worth having. Despite the still hefty price tag, there are also cheaper foldable smartphones. This is how the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip also available for an amount well below 1,000 euros.