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The pluses and minuses of a robot vacuum cleaner

This article will guide you about the all possible pluses and minuses of a robot vacuum cleaner with images and videos for you convenience and future sale decision.

Vacuuming in this heat means you can throw your clothes in the wash after just one floor. It is warm, you start to sweat and vacuuming is not as satisfying as, for example, in the winter, when you spend more time indoors anyway, so you see every dust. Maybe for the warm summer months (but in the winter is also allowed) you can get a robot vacuum cleaner to buy. These are the pluses and minuses.

Plus: You don’t have to do it yourself

It’s the most obvious plus, but it should be mentioned anyway. The advantage of a robot is that it takes work off our hands that we are not so keen on ourselves. For a robot vacuum cleaner, it means that your house is vacuumed while you can do other things. You don’t have to make time for it and you don’t have to run a cold bath because you need it badly because of all the heat. Delicious! Robot vacuum cleaners know exactly where to go and when they bump into something, they will simply choose a different direction. And you? You don’t have to do anything with it at all.

Min: You have to clean them

It sounds a bit like a cleaning trick that you still have to clean a device intended for cleaning, but many robot vacuum cleaners really do need to be emptied regularly, especially if you have pets. There are examples that can empty themselves, but most robot vacuums are not that smart yet. As a result, you still have to look at your robot vacuum cleaner every now and then and provide it with the necessary attention.

Plus: Sometimes they joke right away

There are robot vacuum cleaners that can not only vacuum, but also mops. Very handy, because then your floor is not only dust-free, but also clean and fresh. Especially if you have pets that walk in with muddy feet, or you throw ingredients in the kitchen quite fanatically, then that jokes is very nice. Or, for example, if you have a baby that likes to crawl on the floor: the floor is just as cleaner as your robot vacuum cleaner has mopped it.

Minus: they can’t climb stairs

You can only do one floor at a time with your robot vacuum, because it can’t go up the stairs. This allows you to turn it on when you go to the office, but at the end of the day it will only have vacuumed one floor. If there are also bumps in that floor, such as a threshold to the kitchen, then it does not even cover an entire floor. Dyson is experimenting with techniques to make a robot vacuum cleaner climb stairs, but we are far from the production phase.

Plus: you don’t trip over a wire

Where you have to deal with a hassle with a wired vacuum cleaner because you keep hitting furniture with that wire or tripping a roommate, you don’t have that with a robot vacuum cleaner. They always work without a cord, so you don’t run the risk of falling, your furniture also stays in place and the wire doesn’t break if you pull too hard. However, these types of vacuum cleaners sometimes need to be charged and that often happens at their charging station. In any case, no wires, so there is less chance that something or someone will break.

Minus: if your pet has pooped

There are Roombas with poop detection, but most robot vacuums don’t have that luxury. So your robot vacuum may just make a bigger mess in its way to clean it properly. That stinks, that doesn’t look good and that costs you more time than if you had vacuumed yourself. Plus, you also have to clean the vacuum cleaner itself very well and sometimes the droppings are really everywhere.

Plus: you schedule it in the app

If you have a smart robot vacuum cleaner, it will connect to an app on your phone via WiFi. The advantage of this is that you can turn it on even when you are elsewhere, but you can also make entire cleaning plans and choose times when your robot vacuum can get to work. After all, it’s most convenient to have it on when you’re not there, otherwise you’ll just get in the way. Although it is a fairly small and flat device, you don’t want to risk stepping on it.

Minus: not useful if you have a lot of carpet

While robot vacuums work great on laminate, wood and other flat floors, carpets, rugs and carpets are a completely different story. There, robot vacuums struggle with every bump and bulge they encounter, making not only worse cleaning, but sometimes even completely stuck. That can happen just by a raised edge of the carpet. So it is certainly not an equally suitable choice for every household, such a robot vacuum cleaner.

Plus: you can make good cat videos with it

While pet poop is a problem and some pets are terrified at the mere sight of a robotic vacuum cleaner, there are also plenty of animals who think, what fun, an Uber. The internet is full of videos of cats being transported by the robot vacuum cleaner. You too can go viral with your robot vacuuming video. But only if your cat wants it, right?