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The NFC in speakers, how to use it? You should know

NFC is a wireless technology similar to Bluetooth, but with a short range. This article explains NFC in speakers and it works.
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NFC in speakers : I am going to explain something that you probably did not know and that I recommend you to know about your speakers, home cinemas or other device to listen to music. And it can be activated just by touching it with your smartphone.

Well, more than activating, what you do is pair it but don’t worry, I’ll explain it more thoroughly.

What is the NFC?

NFC is a wireless technology similar to Bluetooth, but with a short range. But short, short, a few inches.

When 2 devices with this technology come together and have this connection activated, they can do many things by sending information.

Currently and that I know, we can share files between devices, make payments, connect to certain sound devices that I will explain now, activate, deactivate and execute actions on our mobiles using tags and some other thing.

But hey, let’s focus on audio equipment.

Your mobile phone must have NFC if it is over 2 years old or less and is of an upper middle range. If it’s Apple, they haven’t wanted to jump on the band yet, so let’s wait.

And how is it used NFC in speakers?

So far I have seen speakers, home cinemas and other gadgets that have the NFC symbol, a letter N somewhere.

In that symbol is where the sensor is and it is where we would place our mobile.

But, let us start at the beginning.

When we want to listen to music on a sound device with our smartphone, we can do it in different ways .

The one we use the most and the one that has more use every day is Bluetooth.

When we want to connect it, we have to turn on Bluetooth, search for device and in some cases enter the pin code.

But when you have to do it several times because you have more gadgets, or you have a visitor and you want your friends to do it or you just don’t feel like repeating the same story, NFC is the solution.

With the NFC you pass the phone over the symbol and they are automatically paired and now all the music you put on, will be heard through the speakers. It takes 5 seconds to do it.

Wait, I’ll give you a mini-guide:

  1. You need both a phone and a home theater, portable speaker or whatever with NFC.
  2. Activate Bluetooth and NFC on the phone.
  3. You pass it over the symbol and voila, to listen to music.

Better than before, no?

Not that it is something super mega important, but all the time and head warm-ups that we can save are well received.

Also, if you have not yet bought a speaker, you are in time to look for one that already has this.

If you already have it, then nothing, you already know it for the next one.

Do I recommend some speakers?

If you want to go to the beach, camping, etc., hers is a good speaker with its battery, Bluetooth and NFC. Although you can also connect them with cable to any device that has a headphone output such as a laptop, tablet, MP3, MP4 / 5, etc.


The one in the first photo is the Sony SRS-XB32

and it sounds great with its 20 watts of power (similar to a micro-system) and about 8 hours of use. Enough to throw a little party anywhere.

It is about the size of a keyboard wide and costs 100-odd Euros.


But if you want a speaker to put on top of your towel at the beach, better grab the Vifa Helsinki. Smaller and more manageable and that will also miss you almost on the beach day.

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