The Neeo Universal Remote recognizes your handprint

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Neeo Universal Remote

Neeo Universal Remote recognize your hand print: It was preceded by a successful Kickstarter campaign and now the maker of the Neeo Universal Remote has said that the remote will be shipped. The remote can recognize the user’s handprint.

The Neeo Universal Remote is now being shipped

Neeo has announced that the Neeo Universal Remote will be shipped from now on. Before this goal was achieved, the creator first achieved another goal thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign: the foundation of the remote control. With this product you are able to operate your television, but also some other products in the smart home. And the remote also knows who is holding it, thanks to the built-in hand print scanner. In total, up to five people can set up their personalized interface.

You connect the Remote to a small box in the house, which is linked to your WiFi network. As a result, the remote control is able to operate the smart home products. The Remote supports WiFi, Bluetooth and Z-Wave, but possibly also protocols such as Zigbee and Thread in the future. Neeo also indicates that from the beginning fifty thousand devices can be operated with this remote. As you can see in the picture, the zapper features a small touch screen on the top and some buttons.

Price and availability

It is not yet clear whether the Remote will also be available in Dutch stores. However, if you have supported the project, you can expect it soon. The price of the remote is 349 dollars (320 euros).