The meaning and origin of the Apple Command key symbol (⌘)

The meaning and origin of the Apple Command key, ⌘, or Apple key, is a modifier key which purpose is to allow the user to enter keyboard commands in system.
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Apple Command Key

in this article you will know everything about The meaning and origin of the Apple Command key symbol (⌘). Anyone who regularly works on an iMac or MacBook is familiar with the command key. Whether you want to quickly copy a piece of text, search for a word in a document or create a new folder, you always start with ‘cmd’. many keyboard shortcuts use the key with the recognizable ⌘ on it. But what does this symbol actually mean?

For the origin we have to go back to a period in Apple history where the command key did not exist. There was no ⌘ to be seen on the keyboard of, for example, the Apple II. You just found an Apple logo on that spot. This key was therefore called the Apple key.

Too much Apple

That changed when Apple introduced the Macintosh in 1984. Suddenly the Apple logo had disappeared and the now well-known carpet beater / pretzel / clover leaf was in its place. This change is due to Steve Jobs. The founder thought the Apple logo was being used too often. Everywhere you looked there was an apple and that was allowed a little less.

Steve Jobs initiated the turnaround, but is not responsible for the ⌘ on your keyboard now. We owe the command symbol to Susan kare . She was one of the first within Apple to design icons. She designed the pixelated trash can, the floppy icon, the smiling Mac and more.

The origin of the Apple command key

All these Susan Kare icons have now been replaced by modern versions, except for the command character. The decision to put the ⌘ on the keyboard has been upheld. Yet this is not one of Susan’s many designs. The symbol already existed and can mainly be found in Scandinavian countries.

Susan Kare came across the ⌘ symbol in a database and decided to introduce it as the character of the command key. Her idea was approved and that’s why the ⌘ is still on your keyboard. Remarkable, because until then the symbol had a completely different meaning.

The meaning of the ⌘ symbol

This sign was mainly found along the road in Scandinavian countries. Finland started doing so in 1950 and then neighboring countries such as Sweden took over. When you came across this sign, you knew there was a landmark or campground nearby.

The most common theory is that the sign must represent a castle or fortress. Although some say it is a four-leaf clover or a cloverleaf (highway junction). So we cannot say with certainty the origin. What we do know is that Susan Kare did not discover the symbol while on vacation. This is sometimes claimed, but as we mentioned earlier, Susan just came across the ⌘ in a database of symbols.

Keyboard shortcuts with the command key

This is how the ⌘ symbol ended up on the command key. Nice to know, but what you can do with it is much more interesting. You will no doubt use the command key regularly, but are you familiar with all the keyboard shortcuts? In any case, these are the combinations that we use most often.