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The four best smart door locks for your smart home

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Best smart door locks: Your home can be made a lot smarter in various ways. Not only the washing machine, lamps and vacuum cleaner can get an intelligent makeover, also something simple when the door lock is subject to smart home changes.

Lockitron Bolt

Lockitron has been in the business of smart door locks for a while, and the Bolt is the company’s second generation. The big advantage of this is that you are dealing with a company that already has some experience and that you can rely on. The lock works wirelessly via Bluetooth and WiFi, so you can open the door at a (short) distance. You do not need to replace keys for this and the installation is child’s play. The accompanying app lets you add guests so that someone can gain temporary access to your house. Also, the developer community behind the Bolt is large and the slot can handle any major mobile operating system. With a price of $ 99 , the Lockitron Bolt is a good and smart lock.

Kwikset Kevo

Unikey has also been working on the road for a while and has developed a reliable and simple smart lock with the Kwikset Kevo. At $ 199, this smart door lock is a bit more expensive than the Bolt, but has already proven its worth. Not with the widest range of features, but mainly because of the reliability, the simple installation and the ease of use. Thanks to Bluetooth, you can open the lock when you’re nearby and you can give guests access to the lock for 24 hours. It is also handy that the lock comes with a normal keyhole for those who really like to open a door physically. If you are interested in the Kwikset Kevo, you can only import it from the US .


Danalock is made in Denmark and that gives some confidence, but this door lock is best known for its flexibility. The lock can be ordered in different versions, so that it fits on almost any door. There is also support for various wireless standards, including Bluetooth, WiFi and Z-Wave. According to the manufacturer, the lock is very easy to install and offers the possibility to log all activities, give guests temporary access and open the door remotely. But, all of this comes at a hefty price; 249 euros .


The fourth and final smart door lock that we want to highlight is Sesame. This lock is very easy to install but can be a bit confusing due to the many options for accessing your home. However, there are certain parts that are innovative and interesting, including the fact that the lock fits almost every door in the world and the possibility to open the door with a secret knock signal. Of course, this lock also keeps track of who enters, you can open the door remotely via the app, you can give others temporary access and you can have the door open automatically when you are in the area. The Sesame slot costs $ 149.99 .



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