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The five best smart plugs (smart plugs)

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Smart plugs may well be the start of a smart home, so we went in search of the five best smart plugs. Including the Smart Plugs from TP-Link, Wemo Switch, Elgato Eve Energy, D-Link smart plug, and Fibaro wall plug. Also prices (in European market) is mentioned for your convenience.

Smart plugs may well be the beginning of a smart home. Reason enough for us to look for the smart plugs that can be a good start for your smart home. In doing so, we have taken into account both the functionalities of the smart plugs and the price of the devices. One point that you should always take into account when purchasing a smart plug is that you have a stable network. Otherwise you can still come home from a rude awakening with these devices.

Five best smart plugs – 1. TP-Link Smart Plug

The TP-Link Smart Plug is available in two different types. You can choose to purchase the HS100 or the HS110. In the first case you buy a Smart Plug without energy monitoring and in the second case you can keep an eye on how much energy your device has already used.

With TP-Link’s Smart Plugs you can switch your electrical devices on / off anytime and anywhere by using the accompanying Kasa app, which is available for both Android and iOS. You don’t even always have to do that manually. You can also choose to set time schedules, making it a piece of cake to use a smart plug conveniently. The cheapest version of the TP-Link Smart Plug costs € 29.99. The version with energy monitor is sold for € 39.99.

Five best smart plugs – 2. WeMo Switch

Another smart plug that you can certainly rely on is the Belkin WeMo Switch and that device is also available in two variants. There is a WeMo Insight Switch and a ‘normal’ Switch. The Insight Switch ensures that you can keep track of how much energy the device connected through the smart plug has already used via the accompanying application on your smartphone.

Ideally, you can indicate what you have connected with this device. If you have multiple smart plugs, you do not have to constantly search for what is connected. You can also set time schedules and thus control your device remotely using the WeMo app, which is available for both iOS and Android. The WeMo Switch costs fifty euros at the time of writing. The Insight Switch rolls over the counter for € 55.95.

3. Elgato Eve Energy

A device that we certainly do not want to forget in the top five best smart plugs is the Elgato Eve Energy. A disadvantage of the device may be that it can only be operated by iOS devices. You must also have an AppleTV if you want to operate your devices while you are not at home. But beyond that, this smart plug certainly also has the necessary advantages over the devices mentioned above.

The biggest advantage is that the Elgato Eve Energy supports Apple Homekit. By using your voice you can also ask SIRI to switch devices on / off or check the status of your devices. Elgato does not offer you the option to buy a smart plug without energy monitoring. This is automatically included in the Elgato Eve Energy. If you have an iPhone or an iPad, then the Elgato Eve is definitely recommended. Certainly also because the Elgato Eve is so compact that it does not cover other sockets. In the Netherlands, the Elgato Eve Energy costs around sixty euros.

Five best smart plugs – 4. D-Link Smart Plug

D-Link has also been active in the smart home market for a long time and that has also led to the launch of a smart plug. It is the DSP-W215 that can be operated both indoors and outdoors. The mydlink Home app must be installed to take advantage of the smart features of the mydlink Smart Plug. The application is available for both Android and iOS and has a clear appearance.

Just like with the Elgato Eve Energy, you can also count on the D-Link Smart Plug to monitor energy consumption. Because you can monitor this and switch off your devices remotely, you can of course also save on your energy costs. You can also use timetables. The price of the D-Link DSP-W215 is € 52.95.

Five best smart plugs – 5. Fibaro Wall Plug

Although we make a big note with this smart plug, because you can only use it in combination with a Fibaro Home Center Lite, the Toon Thermostat or Z-wave controller, we did not want to leave it out of this top five. Just like with the other smart plugs, you can turn your device on / off by means of an application on your smartphone or tablet.

However, Fibaro goes a step further than the other smart plugs. The Wall Plug keeps an eye on how much energy your device uses and adjusts its LED ring accordingly. If your device needs a lot of power, the Fibaro LED ring will get a different color. So you always know where you stand. In addition, it is a very slim and compact model compared to many other smart plugs. The price of the plug is € 57.95.

Also cheaper solutions

If the options mentioned above fall a bit outside of the budget, cheaper solutions can also be devised. Although you do lose the smart function with the cheapest solutions. For example, you could choose KlikAanKlikUit. Without an Internet Control Station, however, you are then dependent on the supplied remote control and you cannot operate the plug by means of an app. For less than 28 euros you already have three switches and a remote control from KlikAanKlikUit.