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The best TVs for bright rooms: what should you keep in mind?

The best TVs for bright rooms : In general, LCD LED TVs are a better option than plasma TVs when you want high brightness.

Choosing a TV is not that easy, as you can also read on our TV tips and advice page, and for each person and space there are several important factors when you want to buy The best TVs for bright rooms: what should you keep in mind?. One of the factors that we have not discussed often and extensively is the incidence of light in your room or space. What is the best TV for more brightly lit rooms and what should you pay attention to?

Watching TV in a bright room

We always recommend viewing content where the image quality and viewing experience have to be optimal in a room that can be darkened or at a time when it is dark / dim outside, but this may not be an option. For example, when the room cannot be darkened, content that is of interest to you is only shown on TV during the day or when you just like to watch TV during the day. If there is a lot of light in the room when you watch TV and the room is therefore more brightly lit than in the evening, it is wise to take this into account when buying a TV .

The best TVs for bright rooms:

The best TVs for bright rooms:Brightness

The image quality and good visibility of a TV dealing with incident light depends on two factors. First, the brightness of the TV, the light that the TV can generate, is of great importance. The higher this brightness, the better the TV can compete with light falling on the screen and in the room. So if the room is brightly lit and you increase the brightness, you will see that the content becomes more visible and the image quality improves.

In general, LCD LED TVs are a better option than plasma TVs when you want high brightness. This is also reflected in the shops that often have trays of fluorescent lamps that the plasma TVs can hardly compete with. This in turn ensures that many people automatically go for an LCD LED TV as it looks better in the store, one of the mistakes you should not make when buying a TV .

The best TVs for bright rooms:Reflections

In addition to the brightness of the TV, absorbing reflections is an important factor. When a TV captures reflections well, you will hardly see them on the screen, which benefits the image quality and the viewing experience. If a TV deals poorly with reflections, images immediately look washed out and the contrast decreases (black becomes gray). Manufacturers are committed to keeping reflections to a minimum. For example, advanced filters have now been developed that absorb reflections and these can be found on both plasma and LCD TVs. There is no general rule for which technology or which TV is better at capturing reflections. This must be considered per model. If you already have a TV at home, you can read more about limiting reflections on your TV .

The best TVs for bright rooms:

Which TVs are the best?

As you can see from the information above, this question is not so easy to answer as in most cases it depends on the specifications and performance of a specific model. If you want to be sure of a TV that can withstand incident (sun) light, an LCD LED TV is still the best choice. It must be said, however, that plasma also makes leaps forward in this area. For example, we recently saw in our Samsung PS51F8500  that this TV can be adjusted remarkably brightly and therefore comes quite close to the brightness of many LCD LED models. In addition, some LCD LED TVs have a matte screen, making them less sensitive to reflections.

The best TVs for bright rooms


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