The Best Robot Vacuum cleaner Right Now (April 2021)

This article will describe the Best Robot Vacuum cleaner right now available in the market so you can choose best one for your smart home project.

Best Robot Vacuum cleaner right now: The cheapest is usually not the best, not all smart home products, but certainly for robot vacuum cleaners. However, that does not mean that the most expensive is the best. These robot vacuum cleaners are worth it and this is why you should definitely consider buying a robot vacuum cleaner.

The best robot vacuum cleaner at the moment

They’re not just a form of entertainment (cat videos) or a way for lazy people to serve up a drink: robotic vacuum cleaners really do what they’re made for, too. While you are at work or doing something fun, the robot vacuum cleaner makes your entire living room dust-free. With a bit of luck you will have a variant that even drives to its charging station on its own for the much-needed fresh energy.

This article is continuously updated to give you an overview of the best robot vacuum cleaners of the moment. The last update was done in April 2021

While some stick and hand vacuum cleaners nowadays have LCD screens and seem very smart, they are not officially robot vacuums. Robot variants are often disc-shaped and low with wheels underneath that do their own rounds through your room. Robot vacuum cleaners actually do not need any help to do their job, so they work completely automatically. The modern robot vacuum cleaner can do this by making a map of the room with its sensors. This allows him to reach everything. It does take a bit longer than if you were to vacuum yourself: it ensures that every corner is vacuumed. Cheaper robot vacuum cleaners usually just drive around the room criss-cross, but even then it gets clean. The only thing that most robot vacuum cleaners need a helping hand with is emptying the dust container.

Why choose a Best Robot Vacuum cleaner?

Although it does take a little longer, a robot vacuum cleaner can often reach places where you would otherwise have to move all kinds of furniture or lie flat on the floor. Moreover, you do not have to worry about vacuuming yourself (unless it gets stuck), so it saves you another household task that normally consumes a lot of energy. Especially if you have a lot of carpet in your house. Incidentally, it depends on the surface which vacuum cleaner works best. Laminate is a completely different class than carpet, for example. Also realize if you have furry pets, as robotic vacuum cleaners without a rotating brush will not handle this well.

Some robot vacuum cleaners work via an app on the smartphone, which you can use to switch it on remotely, for example. This often concerns the more expensive variants, such as iRobot Roomba, Neato or Samsung. However, more expensive does not always mean better: not all expensive vacuum cleaners can, for example, also vacuum the baseboards. There are also vacuum cleaners that you can direct to a specific place in the room and others that are unable to do so. Also keep an eye on the battery life when you want to purchase a robot vacuum cleaner and how much noise you find acceptable.

If you are looking for a good robot vacuum cleaner, there are a number of them definitely worth considering:

Best Robot Vacuum cleaner

Neato Botvac D5 Connected

Neato robotic vacuum cleaners use LaserSmart technology to scan the room and detect objects in real time. Specifically, the Botvac D5 Connected has a large battery and uses the Neato app in which you can find a dashboard and cleaning statistics, among other things. This vacuum cleaner works very well, although we would have liked the bumper to be a bit softer. Now he sometimes wants to hit a piece of furniture a little too hard and that can give the feeling that furniture is not getting off properly. The suggested retail price of this robot vacuum cleaner is 649 euros, but you can now buy it for just over 500 euros.

Roomba i7 +

The vacuum cleaner that is by far our favorite is the very complete Roomba i7 +. It can even empty its own dust container, so you have even less work on it. You can operate it by voice and that makes it a very smart vacuum cleaner. There is also a hefty price tag of about 749 at the time of writing. However, in addition to the purchase price and the price of dust bags, we actually see no disadvantages to this powerhouse.

Eufy RoboVac 35C

Eufy has made a vacuum cleaner in a completely different category, namely the somewhat cheaper price range. The advantage is that you still have a dust-free house for a fairly low amount, because it has sufficient suction power. The disadvantage, however, is that he skips places, because he just goes through the house instead of via a plan or a map. You can demarcate areas with magnetic strips, but that won’t work for everyone. However, this robot vacuum cleaner can notice the difference between laminate and low-pile carpet (high-pile is not suitable), so that it adjusts its suction power.

Ecovacs Deebot OZMO T8 +

It is quite a mouthful, but this Ecovacs robot vacuum cleaner is very convenient to use. He can empty his dust container in his charging station, where a vacuum cleaner bag collects the dust. This means you hardly have to worry about this device. You can control this robot vacuum cleaner via your smartphone, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. When it is empty, it drives itself to the docking station to recharge itself with new energy. It is easy to install and tries really hard to unblock when it gets stuck. The only downside is that in terms of volume you can clearly hear that it is emptying itself.


There are several good robot vacuum cleaners from AEG, but this one is nicely priced because it has been on the market for some time. The big advantage of this model is that it can also handle pet hair and it even has a Turbo Power function for the more difficult suction jobs. There is a 3D camera on the vacuum cleaner with which it creates a virtual map of the room. In this way he can on the one hand bypass obstacles and on the other hand ensure that he takes every corner. Moreover, thanks to its large dust collector, this vacuum cleaner can take much longer before it has to be emptied again. The disadvantage is that this vacuum cleaner makes a lot of noise when it is busy and that its dockstatidoes not take up the necessary space.

Neato Botvac D7 Connected

We will mention two Neato robot vacuum cleaners in this article, as almost all of them are of good quality. The newer Neato Botvac D7 Connected has a handy shape to reach all places. It gets along well with animal hair and returns to the charging station on its own. You can also operate it with your smartphone. It is nice and low and wide, making it home quickly with a lot of strokes. In addition, it can get under a lot of furniture. Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant support is also present in this versatile robot vacuum cleaner. The FloorPlanner mapping mode provides a map in your app and an extremely accurate route. You can also set no-go zones in an instant where the vacuum cleaner should stay away.