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The best games of the moment – part 3 (autumn 2017)

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In this overview we discuss the best games that will be released this fall. In this part, attention is paid to L.A. Noire and Call of Duty: WWII.

L.A. Noire

The phenomenon remaster is a frequently used term in the game world. Recently L.A. Noire has also been added to the list of remasters. L.A. Noire came out in 2011 and quickly became a favorite among gamers. The graphics were already very good and the facial animations were so good that you had to be able to read whether a suspect was lying or not. In addition, there was an absurd amount of detail in the Los Angeles area from the forties of the last century, including the nearly one hundred classic cars.

L.A. Noire tells the story of Cole Phelps, a former lieutenant in the navy, who returns to society after taking part in the Pacific campaign in World War II. There is also the overarching story of his fellow marines. The teammates have become involved in a stolen shipload of military morphine that is now being distributed in the streets of Los Angeles. Both stories are intriguing and inextricably linked, and are elaborated in newspaper stories to be collected.

With this remaster you also get all released downloadable content. This extra content are new issues that you have to solve as Cole Phelps. These missions are automatically presented at various moments during the story. Besides the improved graphics (the game is Xbox One X Enhanced and looks very good), the remaster also has two additional collectible sets that can be found. In addition, Rockstar has adjusted the options for interrogation from Truth, Doubt and Lie to Good Cop, Bad Cop and Accuse.

If you clicked Doubt before because you could not read all of one’s face, Cole could still respond to way that you did not expect. So it often happened that you ruined a case (and with it the complete mission), while in fact you only wanted to corner someone for your idea. This new system provides a bit more clarity. If you want a single player game with a good story, then L.A. Noire is your game. In addition, gamers who already know the game can enjoy again, only now with even better graphics.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

In Xenoblade Chronicles 2, a sequel to a beloved rpg series that you can only play on Nintendo consoles, you go with a group of friends looking for Elysium. You crawl into the skin of Rex, who explores the world with his companion Pyra, a Blade. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 takes place in a world of endless clouds, where the remnants of the population live on gigantic titans. During the game you really notice that you are sitting on the back of such a gigantic beast that brings an unparalleled atmosphere.

This game is a Japanese role playing game. That means you can expect a lot of cartoonish violence with striking and colorful characters, combined with a deep combat system and expandable elements and features. This is undoubtedly one of the best jrpg’s of this year, and that says a lot: earlier this year you could already get started with Persona 5 on the PlayStation consoles. Of course there are also some defects with the game, but in general the image of an almost perfect role playing game prevails.

As a player you have to take into account that you are expected to cover almost every element in the game. points, because otherwise you will not be able to enjoy optimally. There are many menus available, the world seems infinitely large and the story can be pretty dragging (sometimes things are just too smeared), so you are assured that you will empty the battery on your Nintendo Switch a lot of times . This game is really meant for the jrpg fanatic – ordinary rpg fans can find this too long-winded.

Sonic Forces

In Sonic Forces we see that bad guy Eggman is trying to take over the world, while some resistance fighters from the shadow steps to work against him. At first glance this game seems to be heading in the right direction, combining some elements from 2D and 3D games, just like the beloved Sonic Generations ever did. But this game brings a big twist: you are able to make your own Sonic-like character, which, together with the rest of the resistance, must stop Eggman.

[19659004] If you have written Sonic the Hedgehog years ago because of its 3d gameplay, you will not find much pleasure in Sonic Forces. Do you think it is not that bad with that comment (but you realize somewhere that criticism is not out of nowhere), then you can still have fun with the game. The game offers enough levels full of fast action and gathering rings. Pay attention, however, because an extra strategic element has been added: the rings disappear when you are hit. Do not collect them all at once.

Sonic Forces is not a bad game. They are simple platforms with some challenging elements in them, but it remains fairly superficial when we draw a comparison with Super Mario Odyssey (or the aforementioned Sonic Generations). The levels are sometimes a bit short (so you get out of the experience when you are just getting started), but that improves the replay ability again. This game is made for people who look back on Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations with great memories.

Need for Speed: Payback

You can say a few things about the Need for Speed ​​series from Electronic Arts, but not that the developers on the helmet of the production constantly the same trick. With every new iteration of this game series, a different angle has been found. In Need for Speed: Payback you will get in the shoes of not one character, but a total of three different characters, all of whom play a role in the revenge against The House. The House is a cartel within Fortune City, a group that controls everything there.

The reason you race may be different, racing itself still feels very familiar . The cars in which you drive go fast and look fantastic, while you drive around through fantastic locations that are all beautifully designed. The developers have looked closely at successful games and series such as Forza Horizon and Burnout Paradise and combine an open world with a lot of activities that you will find familiar. In addition, you can also let go of all kinds of customization options for your cars.

Need for Speed: Payback does have a big problem. As soon as it gets even more exciting in the game, the game takes control and you are forced to watch a cut scene. Something bold happens, and then you get the control back. Other open-world racing games, with or without story elements, do this a bit better. Moreover, leveling can take a bit long. If you can see through this and you love the arcade style of Need for Speed, then Payback is the racing game for you.

Call of Duty WWII

When a new Call of Duty game appears, then the children sick of school and employees suddenly hit on the zebra crossing. This annual event is often eagerly awaited and this year not without reason: Call of Duty returns to its roots and presents a single and multiplayer in the Second World War. During our many play sessions we became entangled in epic battles, we ran across sometimes still unspoilt battlefields and we lost a lot of comrades – with emotional moments as a result.

In the singleplayer you creep into the skin of the American war soldier Daniels. Daniels is at the beginning of the game on the famous beach of Normandy and the emotions rise immediately. After the first mission you will undoubtedly have a direct connection with your fellow soldiers. The developer probably watched films like Saving Private Ryan (one of the best war films), because the story goes pretty deep and is of a high level. In any case, this is already a reason to bring Call of Duty WWII into the home.

Of course this is not all that WWII offers. The basis of the game is full of content, such as the zombie mode. In this mode you shoot hordes of zombienazis while you make your way through the levels and encounter easter eggs (hidden references) here and there. Here too, the same applies to the single player: this mode is and remains well developed and offers players hours of fun. The level of difficulty has been reduced slightly, but that is not very bad in this case. The pleasure with which you shoot down zombienazis is unchanged.

The multiplayer is the third big showpiece, but here we have some comments. In comparison with other parts, this mode feels the same, except for the appearance of the weapons. There are again attachements, unlockables and various cosmetic items. Not to mention the loot boxes and everything around it. Nevertheless, this game is worth your money, because all modes give you dozens of hours of fun. Still, we hope that the makers quickly dare to take revolutionary steps in the multiplayer again.

Super Lucky’s Tale

We got a number of platform games this autumn, where one is even better than the other. Super Mario Odyssey, Cuphead and now also Super Lucky’s Tale. Lucky is an optimistic and energetic squirrel, who seeks out the adventure and takes on the bad guy Jinx. The reason: the Book of Ages has been stolen and Lucky must see it. Super Lucky’s Tale does not need a good story to draw players to his world. The colorful worlds are stories in themselves, with enough secrets to discover and different challenges.

Let’s just say that the game does not do anything new for the genre (which is also very bad difficult, with competition from Super Mario among others). But the elements that are put forward are well worked out. You can tell from everything that the developers have wanted to make a platform game from the past. So if you’re done with Super Mario Odyssey (and do not like Sonic Forces), give Super Lucky’s Tale a chance. In no time you feel like you’ve gone back in time (where there are nice graphics).

However, veteran veterans can quickly conclude that Super Lucky’s Tale is not very challenging in the long run, and that might put them off. The more fun it is when you play this game with your young child (or nephew or niece), so that they can get to know the world of video games in a fun way. If you still take on the challenge yourself, then it may be that you have gone through a good Sunday afternoon. Not only do you see the credits rolling past, you’ve also seen everything.

Star Wars Battlefront 2

In the run-up to The Last Jedi, the next Star Wars film in the latest trilogy, publisher Electronic Physician out a new shooter in the same universe. Battlefront 2 is obviously the successor to the 2015 part, which was well received by both press and public. Yet that game got criticism because of the fairly simple gameplay and the limited amount of modes and options. With this second part, developer DICE slightly reverses the helm, but retains the beautiful graphical power and brilliant sound fragments.

Renewal can be found in the form of four classes, which means there is more variation in playing styles. There is a regular soldier, a heavily armed soldier who can defend points but is slower, an officer who can protect troops and a specialist who operates especially from a long distance. This time also the fighters of The Resistance (remnant of the rebels) and The First Order (the new Stormtroopers) are present, as well as locations from all seven films. With this the game is already a lot more extensive than the previous part.

Also new this time is a single player adventure where you get in the skin of Iden Versio, an elite command, fighting against the rebels at the time of the downfall of The Empire. The inevitable plottwist is somewhat faint, but the missions are incredibly spectacular. You’ll fly through the fragments of the exploded Death Star and run across the side of a burning Star Destroyer, while the laser bullets will fly you over the ears. The main characteristic of this story is the fan service provided by the developer.

Despite the spectacular playing style, Battlefront 2 has caused a lot of controversy on the forums. There is a lot of justified criticism of the terrible progression system, with which you can make your soldiers stronger. Immediately after the release, the developer also blocked purchases with real money, with which an unfair advantage was gained compared to players who only invest time. Hopefully EA and DICE give a good follow-up here, because it would be a shame if this more elaborate, eye-catching Star Wars shooter were to be destroyed.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2

Another game that you have with a smaller member of the family can play, is Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2. This is the sequel to, how could it be otherwise, Lego Marvel Super Heroes, and brings a number of innovations with it. So you can enjoy a completely new story, a mode for four players and a wealth of characters – which you will or will not recognize. Combine all of that with the old and familiar Lego gameplay and possibilities and you will keep a game where you will undoubtedly be happy for thirty to forty hours.

No, the story of the game does not last that long. But as Lego fans know, the story is just the beginning. After finishing you can play the levels again and collect everything: minikits, characters and red blocks, it is all in again. So little has changed at the base and that can be seen as both an advantage and a disadvantage. In any case, you know exactly where you start from the moment you start the game and there are few surprises. The action has increased considerably in this title.

A new gameplay component is the ability to manipulate time. This gives you access to a range of new puzzles, which will almost never crack your brain. Ultimately, this game gives you the idea to save the entire Marvel universe from its demise, a theme we are used to by now. Despite the fact that the gameplay remains a bit superficial, we can still enjoy an ambitious game, with funny characters and fine gameplay. A must play for co-op players.

Batman: The Enemy Within

In the second season of Batman – The Telltale Series we see that none other than The Riddler is back. The bad guy has left puzzles everywhere, who slowly hint at a bigger threat. The Joker, the arch-enemy of the superhero, is also becoming increasingly apparent. Just like in the first season, Bruce Wayne has to balance his life as a rich playboy and superhero and make difficult choices. However, you are the one who makes the choices: who decides to trust you and who will throw you at the end of the day?

This second season puts the tight story out of the first season and presents Batman as we got to know him through the eyes of Telltale Games – but more like you see him. You determine how Batman – and Bruce Wayne – react to situations and your choices have more than once major consequences. Because you not only have an effect on the events in your environment, characters also react differently to you thanks to a newly implemented system. Trust seems to be more important than ever.

And that seems to be exactly the theme of this new season. We have already finished the first two episodes and had to make a lot of difficult choices. None of these possibilities seems to be the right one, because you always disappoint someone. Most importantly, you either know what you are doing and try to get the maximum out of it, or just want to keep one person a friend – regardless of the consequences. But whatever you do, keep paying attention. Because both Batman and Wayne experience these consequences.

Minecraft Story Mode: Season 2

From the games of Telltale we are all used to having a nice story presented. But Minecraft is a game about chopping parts and making those parts new things that you can chop into new parts; how can you build a story around it? It is clear that this is possible – after all, we are already dealing with the second season. Minecraft Story Mode Season 1 was exceptionally good. Telltale has turned a game without a story into a game with a story.

Season two is now out, so we can put on our adventurous shoes again. How is our heroes doing this time? You can notice that Telltale paid attention to the shortcomings of part one. For example, the screen barely falters or stops during the important moments, or if the game saves the progress. It is all a lot smoother. This was not only a downside of season one of Story Mode, but also of other developer’s titles, so we hope that this line will be continued.

If there is a “Story” in the title of a game, you would expect that you start a good story. That is no different in the second season of Minecraft Story Mode. The first episode starts a bit slowly, but quickly builds up to highs, with the end of a cool cliffhanger. Fans of Minecraft will appreciate some jokes better than others, but that does not make it any less fun. This game is made for people who love adventures – and you basically do not have to be a Minecraft fan.