Teufel Supreme In: colorful earplugs with HD drivers

The German audio manufacturer Teufel has announced new, colorful earplugs in the form of the Teufel Supreme In for a price of 119.99 euros.
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The Teufel Supreme In weighs 18 grams and is available in six different colors. They also have magnets, so you can click them together when not in use and still hang them around your neck. It also automatically pauses the music. The fit of the earplugs can be adjusted with a special loop, so that the earbuds are comfortable and firm. Two pairs of silicone adapters are included for extra grip.

The Teufel Supreme In is equipped with large linear HD drivers of 10.7 mm and can therefore reproduce high tones without distortion. It also does not matter what kind of music you listen, because the sound reproduction must be true to nature. The use of the audio codecs aac and aptX contributes to the transfer quality.

The music can be easily controlled via the inline cable on the right. You can also use this to call up a voice assistant (Google or Siri) or manage your telephone calls with it. Qualcomm’s CVC technology suppresses background noise and echoes for intelligible conversations. The earplugs have a battery life of up to sixteen hours.

You can also adjust the sound to your personal preferences with the equalizer in the Teufel Headphones app. And thanks to the ShareMe function, the sound sources can be shared with a second set of earplugs. This way, you can watch a movie together or listen to the same music.

Price and availability of Teufel Supreme In

The Teufel Supreme In is available in the colors Night Black, Ivy Green, Space Blue, Moon Gray, Sand White and Pale Gold via the Online store from Teufel for a price of 119.99 euros. Two pairs of silicone adapters in different sizes and in the same color are included with the earbuds, along with a travel case and charging cable.