Teufel renews Ultima series of passive and active loudspeakers

Ultima Series
The German manufacturer Teufel brings a new design and subtle improvements in performance of Ultima Series Speakers. The prices have remained the same.
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Teufel has completely renewed the famous Ultima loudspeaker series this week during IFA 2018. The German manufacturer brings a new design and subtle improvements in performance. The prices have remained the same.

Teufel Ultima series

As before, the Ultima range includes a standing speaker (Ultima 40), a bookshelf speaker (Ultima 20), a center speaker (Ultima Center) and an active standing speaker (Ultima 40 Active).

The Ultima 40 is a passive 3-channel stereo hi-fi speaker with two woofers. The Ultima 20 is a passive 2-channel loudspeaker that can be used as a stereo or rear loudspeaker for home theater systems. The Ultima 40 Active is an active 3-way speaker with bluetooth, aptX and HDMI for television sound, and can also be upgraded to a 4.0 or 4.1 surround set for the first time.

In addition, Teufel comes with Ultima Surround, consisting of one pair of Ultima 40 speakers, one pair of Ultima 20 speakers, the new Ultima center speaker and the subwoofer T10. Also the audio systems Ultima 20 Kombo (formerly Kombo 42) and Ultima 40 Kombo (formerly Kombo 62) are equipped with the new Ultima speakers, as well as various surround sets from Teufel.

Price and availability

The bookshelf speaker Ultima 20 ( 249.99 euro per pair) and standing speaker Ultima 40 (499.99 euro per pair) can be ordered immediately. The same applies to the Ultima 40 Surround 5.1 set (999.99 euros). The new version of the Ultima 40 Active is expected to be available before Christmas 2018 for a price of 799.99 euros. All Ultima speakers are available in both white and black versions.