Teufel Real Blue TWS: in-ear headphones with ANC

Teufel Real Blue TWS: in-ear headphones with ANC. eufel has brand new, true wireless in-ear headphones with active noise canceling (ANC)

With the Real Blue TWS, Teufel has brand new, true wireless in-ear headphones with active noise canceling (ANC) at the start – they are now available in the Teufel online shop and, of course, in the flagship stores.

Teufel Real Blue TWS: Features and Technology

The new in-ears from the Berlin manufacturer are equipped with comparatively large drivers (12 millimeters) – according to Teufel, this should guarantee deep, precise bass and high level stability. The Real Blue TWS should come up to full sound power when the supplied silicone adapters (which, by the way, come in four different sizes from “XS” to “L”) perfectly close the ear canal. The Teufel Real Blue TWS supports Bluetooth 5.2 with AAC.

Teufel Real Blue TWS with scope of delivery: charging case, ear pieces and charging cable

If you are looking for peace and concentration and want to block out ambient noise, you can activate the noise suppression. This is technically advanced and not only relies on microphones to analyze external noises – measurements are also made inside the headphones in order to achieve particularly low-noise and effective noise reduction. A manually activated transparency mode makes it possible to deactivate the ANC at short notice, for example to optimally understand station or airport announcements without having to take the earbuds out of your ears.

Of course, there is also a hands-free system on board and voice control via Google / Siri is also possible. Furthermore, the earphones are splash-proof according to IPX3 – and resistant to dust and rain.

The scope of delivery also includes a compact shell with a charging cable, which provides two additional charging cycles before it has to be connected to the mains again. With the ANC switched on, the new Teufel earphones last around six hours, with deactivated noise suppression even more than eight.

Price Teufel Real Blue TWS: 149.99 euros