Teufel Radio One radio alarm clock with Bluetooth

Teufel Radio One radio alarm clock with Bluetooth is immediately available in the market in two colors: black and light gray.

The Berlin manufacturer Teufel has given the radio alarm device category a makeover with the new Radio One: According to the press release at the launch, they want to prove that a radio alarm clock can also sound good and powerful.

Teufel Radio One: Features

For those who like to wake up to news or music from the radio, the Teufel Radio One has a receiver for FM and DAB +, each with three station memories. If you prefer to start the day with the same sound every morning, you can choose the alarm tone “Berlin”, which was inspired by the carillon of the Berlin Memorial Church. If, on the other hand, it is music from your own collection, it can be played via a stereo jack input or via Bluetooth 5.1. And like the ears, the eyes should also be flattered if possible: The brightness of the display is regulated automatically, but can also be adjusted manually.

The back of the Teufel Radio One: The large passive membrane is clearly visible

The alarm functions are also advanced: The set alarm time can be activated once, daily or only on weekends or working days. A sleep timer, on the other hand, allows you to doze off slowly to beautiful music; five different sleep times from 15 to 90 minutes can be set here.

Two 2-inch broadband speakers, which are slightly inclined to the side and are supported by a passive membrane at the rear, should ensure crisp sound.

The Radio One is immediately available in black and light gray.

Teufel Radion One price: 169.99 euros