Teufel Cinebar One Soundbar: technology & price launched

Teufel Cinebar One sounbar launched. The German company launched its latest soundbar suitable for small to medium-sized rooms

The Berlin-based manufacturer Teufel has reissued its successful soundbar. The Teufel Cinebar One, which weighs just one kilogram, should be suitable for small to medium-sized rooms, but also for desktop use.

Teufel Cinebar One: technology

The Berlin sound bar comes in a compact format – and is only 35 centimeters wide, almost seven centimeters high and eleven centimeters deep. Nevertheless, the Teufel Cinebar One has impressive features. Four full-range loudspeakers are installed, each driven by its own power amplifier with a total output power of 60 watts (RMS). Two of the drivers radiate forward and one each at an angle to the left and right. In conjunction with the Dynamore technology developed by Teufel, this should result in a virtual surround sound that draws the listener into the action.

Compact, but easy to connect: the back of the new Cinebar One from Teufel

You can choose to play via Bluetooth 5.0 (aptX), HDMI with CEC and ARC, USB, Toslink or analog via a stereo jack socket. The soundbar is Dolby Digital certified and, thanks to its narrow dimensions, can also be used on a desk; wall mounting is also possible.

A new, adaptive Voice DSP mode can increase speech and dialogue intelligibility. A night mode, on the other hand, acts like a compressor and attenuates loud passages. The Teufel Cinebar One is operated either via the touch panel or the supplied remote control.

Immediately in Black or white available, costs the Teufel Cinebar One 299.99 euros.