Teufel Boomster Bluetooth speaker model 2021

Teufel Boomster Bluetooth speaker model 2021 launched. read more for details

The manufacturer Teufel has given its Bluetooth loudspeaker Boomster, which was launched for the first time in 2014, a makeover. The direct mail order company from Berlin promises that buyers now receive a significantly more powerful variant that is technically up-to-date.

Teufel Boomster: new technology and features

While the “old” Boomster had a total output power of 38 watts (RMS), the new Boomster has 42 watts at the start. The battery life of the 2021 model has also increased: at medium volume it is now 18 instead of 16 hours. Another new feature is that the subwoofer of the three-way system is no longer visible – this is not only for optical reasons, but thanks to the redesign of the housing, the new Boomster is now protected against water jets according to the IPX5 standard: Now, according to Teufel, it should too withstand heavy rain without any problems.

Both color variants of the new Teufel Boomster at a glance

What else can the boomster do? Well: It offers FM and DAB + radio reception with three station presets and a telescopic antenna. In addition, it has an auxiliary input and a flexible Bluetooth receiver (BT 5.0 with aptX): it can be coupled to a second Boomster or connected to two smartphones at the same time.

The Teufel Dynamore technology is supposed to give the new Bluetooth speaker an audibly wider stereo sound image – and the USB-A output with power bank function supplies juice for other devices, such as a mobile audio player.

The new Teufel Boomster is now available in the colors Sand White and Night Black.

Price Teufel Boomster model 2021: 369.99 euros