Telenet TV app now available for Android TV and Apple TV

Via downloading from the App Store or Play Store Telenet TV app users will find their familiar television menu and the same number of channels .


Telenet TV app can now be downloaded

It’s from now possible to download the Telenet TV app for televisions and media players with Android TV. The app is also in the App Store, so you can download it and use it on your Apple TV media player. Once installed, it no longer matters where you are within the European Union, as you can view the content on offer anywhere. Moreover, it is possible to watch on a second television screen, without having to bring an extra decoder into your home. So it makes things much easier.

Within the Telenet TV app, users will find their familiar television menu and the same number of channels. The functionalities such as watching live television, watching recordings, consulting a TV guide and requesting films and series in the TV Theek or via Streamz, work in the same way as with the decoder. So if you are already familiar with this, it is nice to know that the switch will not be terribly difficult.

All customers who have the latest Telenet decoder can download the TV app for free in the App Store or Play Store. Telenet is also looking at making the Yelo Play app, which is linked to the previous generation of decoders, available on the same platforms in the future.

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