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Tektron tube amplifier from Italy at the Viennese “hifi-welt”

The enterprise Tektron with headquarters in Sicily has existed for more than 20 years and has specialized in the trade in NOS tubes as well as in the construction of tube amplifiers. Now the Italian gems are conveniently available in Germany and Austria through the Viennese “Hifi Welt” distribution.

Tektron – the company

Originally, Tektron started repairing and restoring antique radio receivers. Later a deal came with NOS tubes added – a certainly useful addition. This was followed by the entry into amplifier construction, and the portfolio now includes an impressive number of Preamplifiers, integrated amplifiers and power amplifiers – and meanwhile the transformers, which are known to be particularly sound-relevant, are also being manufactured in-house.

Tektron relies on short signal paths and free-flying wiring as well as extensive fine-tuning. Autobias circuits are used throughout so that the devices are user-friendly. Like theirs, the Italians are happy to leave you Heritage series (Photos) classic wooden elements are used in the design of the housing. Only the new product line introduced last autumn Masterpiece however, come with a modern and “spectacular” look, according to sales.

The 300B single-ended mono power amplifier from Tektron’s Heritage range

If you like, you can get a chance for less than 3,000 euros for each device class: for 2,990 euros there is, for example, the high-level preamplifier TK-ONE Pre, the phono preamplifier TK-ONE Phono, but also the 300B power amplifier TK-ONE 300-PS and the integrated amplifier TK-ONE KT88-i. Otherwise the prices are in the middle to upper four-digit range; the flagships, the TK-TWO211-PM monoblocks, cost 15,990 euros as a pair and currently mark the top end of the flagpole in terms of price.


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