Technics SL-G700M2 – Multi-Digital Audio Player

Technics SL-G700M2 - Multi-Digital Audio Player launched. A new generation of multi-digital audio players with the highest sound fidelity

Technics launches SL-G700M2: a new generation of multi-digital audio players with the highest sound fidelity

Technics introduces the SL-G700M2, the successor to the SL-G700 Super Audio CD/Network Player.

It is a multi-digital player that supports the vast majority of digital audio media available today, including MQA®, numerous Hi-Res Audio sources, and a wide variety of music streaming services. The SL-G700M2 builds on its predecessor but with vast improvements in both performance and sound quality.

In recent years, the demand for higher quality sound has increased, driven by several factors, including the emergence of various high-resolution formats, high-quality streaming platforms, and the continuing resurgence of vinyl records. Therefore, after years of research and development, the Technics SL-G700M2 satisfies this demand.

New digital/analog signal processing technology

With the development of this new digital audio signal processing technology, Technics achieves ideal impulse response and phase alignment, characteristics that are essential for faithful reproduction of music. Starting with LAPC (Load Adapting Phase Calibration), first incorporated in the SE-R1 in 2014, and continuing with Space Tune and PHONO Response Optimiser, this concept has been applied consistently by product and class.

The SL-G700M2 is equipped with the high-precision D/A converter, which is the result of the union of these technologies. This converter transforms digital values ​​into analog signals with the highest precision before sending them to an amplifier. This is possible thanks to three elements: a coherent processor, a high-performance D/A converter in a dual monaural configuration; and a specific patented amplifier circuit.

1. A consistent Processor

This technology improves the reproduction of pulsed signals by minimizing the amplitude and phase shifts that occur during the D/A conversion process for PCM signals up to 192 kHz, using proprietary digital signal processing*. The result: an increase in sound purity and a clearer sound image.

*DSD signals, such as Super Audio CD, are sent directly to the DAC without this process.

2. High performance D/A converter in dual monaural configuration

The SL-G700M2 features a new DAC chip: the dual ESS ES9026PRO. The symmetrical placement of an L/R unit on each side and their independent transmission structures reduce mutual interference and faithfully reproduce the sound image and musical space contained in the sound source.

3. Patented specific amplifier circuit

The filter circuit after D/A conversion uses an amplifier circuit with a single discrete configuration instead of an op amp IC. This achieves greater responsiveness and S/N, reproducing even the most subtle sounds.

Power supply noise suppression completely eliminates adverse effects on small signals

Digital audio players that handle small signals require complete noise suppression, as even the slightest noise can significantly affect sound quality. The SL-G700M2 is equipped with a silent multi-stage power supply that applies and implements developed and tested technologies. Silent multi-stage power supply provides complete noise suppression in three stages: high-speed switching power supply; low noise regulator; and active noise cancellation by current injection.

1. High speed switching power supply

The SL-G700M2 uses a high-speed switching power supply of approximately 300 kHz, previously used for the analog circuitry of the Technics SU-R1000 reference-class integrated amplifier. By increasing the switching frequency, noise interference in the music playback bandwidth is reduced and a highly responsive power supply is achieved.

2. Low noise regulator

In combination with the original stabilized power supply circuit, this specificThis circuit structure does not use any general-purpose integrated circuits, and meticulous tuning provides optimized power inanalog circuits.

Low noise and power stability are achieved with fine tuning of the circuit.

3. Real injection active noise cancellation

This newly developed technology removes unwanted noise components by applying a reverse phase current to the detected noise. More effective current noise rejection can be achieved by using the push/pull method in combination with conventional noise rejection.

Supports a wide variety of music sources, including Super Audio CD and MQA, as well as the new USB-B input

HD disc playback

The SL-G700M2 supports playback of the high-quality Super Audio CD disc format and features a SACD/CD “Pure Disc Playback” mode to further enhance sound quality. This mode turns off all circuit blocks except those required for Super Audio CD/CD playback, reducing internal noise and improving sound quality.

Supports various hi-res formats in addition to MQA®

The SL-G700M2 is capable of fully decoding and playing MQA files and MQA CDs. It also supports other hi-res formats, including WAV/AIFF up to 384kHz/32bit, FLAC/ALAC up to 384kHz/24bit, and DSD file playback up to 11.2MHz.

Enhanced network playback features

The SL-G700M2 supports Google Chromecast built-in, enabling a wide range of music streaming services from Chromecast-enabled apps, as well as Apple AirPlay 2. It also supports Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® wireless connections.

The player is also equipped with a new USB-B port, which allows constant connection to a network audio server or PC, for playback of high resolution sound sources from the connected device.

Attractive, high-quality case and chassis

The SL-G700M2 is divided into four sections within the chassis with the power supply, digital interface, analog circuitry, and disk drive sections independent of each other. This suppresses mutual interference between circuits and reduces degradation of sound quality. The drive unit adopts a three-layer chassis configuration, powerful vibration damping and quiet construction, including an aluminum drive tray, which ensures high-precision drive playback.

In addition, it has a 7 mm thick aluminum front panel with an elegant finish and 3 mm thick aluminum side panels, as well as the engraved Technics logo, giving rise to a high quality design and finishes.

The new model SL-G700M2 will be available on the market from November