Technics Introduces EAH-AZ80 and EAH-AZ60M2

EAH-AZ80 and EAH-AZ60M2: New Technics headphones with noise cancellation

Technics raises its range of True Wireless headphones: EAH-AZ80 and EAH-AZ60M2, a new generation of premium and surround sound

Technics enhances its True wireless offering with the launch of the EAH-AZ80 earphones and the new version EAH-AZ60M2, designed for those looking for outstanding audio quality and greater comfort. The new Technics headphones offer advanced technology and extensive features.

As a legendary brand in the sector and in its firm intention to guarantee the purity of the sound in all its models, the new Technics headphones allow you to freely enjoy impeccable quality thanks to a clear and precise audio output. The new headphones’ design reflects all the brand’s experience in Hi-Fi sound engineering.

Sophisticated, clear audio with the most advanced noise-canceling technology

Technics expands the catalog and distinguishes the new AZ80 as the new jewel in the crown of the True Wireless range. This sophisticated model incorporates a new 10mm aluminum diaphragm to deliver the best sound quality, extending the high and low frequency response without distorting the audio output. Additionally, the unique cabinet design of the AZ80 and AZ60M2 houses an Acoustic Control Chamber that optimizes airflow to enhance vocals, deliver powerful bass and soften treble to create a dynamic range of audio with less distortion. As a result, these headphones deliver rich, immersive and expansive sound with smooth, detailed nuances that let you hear every last detail.

To fully immerse yourself in music or conversation, the AZ80 and AZ60M2 headphones incorporate Technics’ advanced, patented Dual Hybrid Noise Canceling technology for industry-leading performance. This technology combines a digital software filter and feedback microphone to suppress noise coming from outside the headphones, while analog hardware suppresses noise from inside the headphones. In this way, this sophisticated solution allows you to adjust the noise suppression levels according to the environment and process the sound without losing nuances.

Functionality to adapt to voice in telephone conversations

As a novelty, both models also incorporate exclusive ambient sound modes that can be set to “Natural Ambient” or “Attention” status.

In addition, the EAH-AZ80 and EAH-AZ60M2 headphones support High-Resolution Audio quality thanks to their Bluetooth® connectivity and LDAC technology, capable of delivering a wide dynamic range of sound with fast response and high definition. Both models are equipped with the evolved JustMyVoiceTM technology to significantly reduce ambient noise in any environment. They also incorporate an adaptive noise cancellation function to deliver voice more clearly in windy or noisy environments.

The EAH-AZ80 and EAH-AZ60M2 have two MEMS microphones that actively isolate spoken words and reduce ambient noise with beamforming technology and two other voice detection microphones that help make phone conversations more comfortable and fluid.

Optimum manageability and long-lasting battery

The AZ80 and AZ60M2 models only use the left or right earphones. You adjust the volume, ambient mode, or noise cancellation from the Technics Audio Connect app.

Thanks to its long-lasting battery, the EAH-AZ80 and EAH-AZ60M2 models maintain activity for seven and a half hours of music playback without noise cancellation and an additional 25 hours of power with the charging base. Additionally, both models allow up to four hours of calls with JusMyVoiceTM features and active noise cancellation.

They are equipped with a sensor that stops playback when the headphones are removed and automatically resumes when they are put back on; plus, they are waterproof to IPX4 standard.