TCL shows a Prototype OLED display that folds into a table

TCL shows prototype OLED display that folds into a table during the SID Display Week 2023 in Los Angeles

During the SID Display Week 2023 in Los Angeles, TCL showed various OLED TV prototypes that show what we can expect from the technology in the future. The Chinese company focuses on inkjet printing technology with which OLED screens can be made very thin and flexible.

One of the prototypes is a 65-inch OLED display with a resolution of 8K. The screen is wafer-thin and can be folded into a table. The video below shows the screen in operation. It can also be seen that TCL has made a 14-inch OLED screen that can be rolled up. This screen is mainly intended for laptops and other mobile devices.

TCL previously collaborated with other manufacturers, including Sony, to develop the inkjet printing technology. JOLED, the joint venture that emerged from this, filed for bankruptcy last year. TCL now wants to continue the development itself and expects to be able to produce OLED screens using this technique on a small scale this year.