TCL launches third generation Mini-LED television called TCL ‘OD Zero’

TCL's US branch today announced third generation Mini-LED television called TCL 'OD Zero' already for their US customers.
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Although other manufacturers are only now announcing their first generation LCD TVs with Mini-LED, TCL is already ready for the third generation. TCL’s US branch today announced its latest models in the United States, with ‘OD Zero’ Mini-LED.

TCL ‘OD Zero’ Mini-LED TVs

With Mini-LED, the backlighting of LCD TVs is replaced by thousands of tiny LEDs that can be controlled in very small zones to enable high contrast and brightness. TCL has mastered this technique for a while and now comes with the third generation called ‘OD Zero’.

With ‘OD Zero’ TVs, the LEDs have been made even smaller, just like the zones that are controlled. According to TCL, the new TVs use thousands of small LEDs and a large number of Contrast Control Zones. Together this should ensure very high brightness, an exact contrast and perfect uniformity. The ‘Zero’ represents the distance between the Mini-LED backlight and the LCD layer. This distance has now been reduced to 0mm, making the panel very slim. The maximum brightness of the new screen is 1,800 cd / m2. According to TCL there are about 2000 dimmable zones.

TCL XL collection

In the US – and possibly later also in Europe, TCL will market the XL collection. These are extremely large TVs with an 85-inch format, QLED technology and a Mini-LED backlight. The televisions are equipped with HDMI 2.1 ports with support for VRR (variable refresh rate), HDMI eARC and 120Hz input. Support for Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos is also provided.

Google TV

Finally, TCL announces that it will launch Google TVs this year. These are televisions that run on it Google TV platform, previously called Android TV. Google TV uses a new interface that focuses on personal recommendations. Initially, the TVs will be released in the US. The first models for the European market must also be announced later this year.

Later this week, TCL will announce model numbers and specifications for the European market.

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