TCL Launches First MicroLED TV with 10,000 nits and 163-inch Size

TCL launched its first microLED television on the market last week. However, the model is only accessible to those with a large wallet.

After LG and Samsung, TCL is now also launching a MicroLED television. The TV, named X11H, is 163 inches in size. However, you can also pay quite a bit because TCL asks for at least 100,000 euros.

MicroLED is a relatively new technology with little to do with the miniLED we often encounter in stores today. A mini LED television is an LCD television with tiny LEDs that form the backlight of the LCD panel. With microLED, even smaller LEDs are present, and they simultaneously form the pixels. This eliminates the LCD panel, increases brightness, provides better motion sharpness, and creates a longer lifespan.

TCL’s X11H microLED television is currently only being released in China. This model has a 4K resolution with 24.88 million individual LEDs, i.e., pixels. According to the manufacturer, these together provide a maximum brightness of 10,000 nits. In addition, the TV comes with an advanced audio system that TCL describes as a 6.2.2 + 7.1.4 channel solution.