TCL comes with a whole range of TCL smart household products

TCL has announced a whole range of TCL smart household products. From air conditioners to smart washing machines and from robot vacuum cleaners to air purifiers.

TCL smart household products announced: TCL is fully committed to the smart home market with new smart household appliances. This spring we will see a premium split air conditioner, new P2-series washing machines, Sweeva robot vacuum cleaners and Breeva air purifiers. Health is a top priority here, with air quality and strong filters being fully present in these products. The company announced the new products during a European press conference

TCL smart household products……….

FreshIn: premium split air conditioner

TCL markets the FreshIn split air conditioner in the 9K and 12K BTU models. FreshIn+ informs the user when fresh air enters the room. Temperature fluctuations are prevented as much as possible via Temperature Balancing. In addition to working as an air conditioner, the FreshIn also serves as an air purifier. It can bring 60 cubic meters of fresh air per hour and thanks to the QuadriPuri Filters, the fresh air passes through four layers for efficient air purification. The air conditioner has a pre-filter, silver ion antibacterial layer, a HEPA filter and a high-density filter. The 360-degree moving air valve should provide a wide and even airflow for the entire interior space. Control can be supported via the TCL Home app and Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

P2 series auto-dosing washing machines with steam programs

The P2-series washing machines with steam programs remove the most common bacteria and guarantee the most hygienic results and protection, according to the company. This series of washing machines has an automatic dosing system that intelligently calculates the amount of detergent, softener and water. This way there is as little wastage as possible. They have a silent digital inverter motor that comes with a 10-year warranty.

The TCL washing machines themselves detect the weight of the laundry and you can run a washing cycle in 15 minutes via the Quick Wash washing program. You can also wash without detergent via Air Refresh. In 25 minutes, micro vapor ensures that odors and bacteria are removed. The TCL P2 series is available in 8kg, 9kg and 10kg and is available as a washing machine and washer dryer combination.

Sweeva robot vacuum cleaners: 3000m and 3500m

The new TCL Sweeva robot vacuum cleaners will be available from May 2022. These appear in the 3000m and 3500m models. Both models have four suction power levels and can sweep and mop. For example, they have an Auto Carpet Boost function. It is activated automatically when the robot vacuum cleaner moves from a hard floor to a carpet. Mopping is possible with the 300ml water tank and the new wet mopping system, which distributes water evenly while mopping. Via the TCL Home app you can change various settings, make a schedule and, for example, also regulate the water supply. Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are also supported.

The improved gyroscopic navigation system detects and avoids obstacles and objects. Any steps can be taken up to a height of 20mm. The floor is also sterilized immediately via UV-C light. The air outlet at the dust box has a washable HEPA filter. The Sweeva 3500m has additional options. It will drive itself back to the associated trash can when the reservoir is full. This will last several weeks before you need to empty.

Breeva Pro Series 700 and 400 Air Purifiers

Finally, TCL also comes with smart air purifiers, the Breeva Pro Series 700 and the slightly smaller 400. They are designed for rooms up to 84 square meters and 42 square meters respectively. Via BreevaShield, the 5-stage filtration system is used to filter the air. 99.97 percent of particles of 0.3 m, such as dust, pollen, mites, bacteria or PM2.5 (particulate matter 2.5) are removed from the air. Negative ions are generated by high voltage ionization to collect and settle small particles in the air to protect consumers from toxins and dust. UV rays are supposed to destroy the DNA and RNA of bacteria and micro-organisms.

The automatic mode automatically adjusts the purification level to the air quality. The air purifiers can be operated and controlled remotely via the TCL Home app. This way you can make a plan and check the air quality. Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are supported. According to TCL, the Breeva Pro Series are ultra quiet with a noise level in sleep mode of only 26 dB. Both air purifiers will be available from June.

Prices not yet known of TCL smart household products

Prices of the new smart household products are not yet known.