TCL Alcatel 1T 10 Tablet announced: Tablet intended for children

The new TCL Alcatel 1T 10 tablets are intended for children and support digital teaching methods available for around 100 Euro price.
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The TCL Alcatel 1T 10 Tablet

The new TCL Alcatel 1T 10 Tablet is intended for children and support digital teaching methods. The Alcatel 1T 10 will soon be available in two versions: one version with 16 GB of internal storage space and one version with 32 GB of internal storage space. The new tablets are equipped with various functions that take into account the digital health of the user. The manufacturer also promises that the battery will last a long time.

The TCL Alcatel 1T 10 tablets have a 10-inch IPS display and can therefore present images in clear high definition quality. They are also equipped with a battery of 4,080 mAh, so you can play and learn with your tablet for quite a long time. The devices also provide access to various family-friendly features and settings that can aid digital health.

For example, the Eye Care system ensures that blue light is filtered out to reduce visual fatigue and, if desired, the tablet gives a pause notification to take a break from the screen from time to time. Furthermore, with the Kids Mode, different limits can be set for the use of the tablet. You can also set which apps and websites your child has access to via your smartphone. If the tablet is only intended for homework or other education-related activities, your child can continue to concentrate perfectly.

TCL Alcatel 1T 10 Tablet

In addition to the functions mentioned above, the 1T 10 32GB version also features smart audio: a combination of two audio speakers and two microphones with far-field voice recognition with a range of up to three meters. This allows you, for example, to address the Google Assistant as a parent, but your child can also ask for help with homework. If the internal storage memory is not enough, it is possible to use a micro-sd card up to 128 GB.

Price and availability

The new TCL Alcatel 1T 10 is available in two variants: a Wi-Fi variant with 32 GB of internal memory, which can Android 10 and a Wi-Fi variant with 16 GB internal memory that runs on Android 10 Go. Unlike the 32GB variant, the 16GB version does not have smart audio. The 32GB tablet has a suggested retail price of 119.99 euros; the 16GB tablet is available for 99.99 euros.