Takes first look at new Android TV device from Google

Google is reportedly planning to launch a new Android TV media player soon which includes Sabrina: New Android TV media player.
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Google is reportedly planning to launch a new Android TV media player soon, which will still bear the project name Sabrina for now. Promotional material has now been leaked so that we can already see what the device looks like.

Sabrina: New Android TV media player from Google

The material shows that the media player with Android TV (you will probably get access to the new interface immediately ) will get a remote control. So you are no longer dependent on your phone or tablet if you have been using a Google Chromecast for years. Sabrina’s design is somewhat like a Chromecast Ultra , but oval instead of round. The device will probably be available in pink, white and black, if we can rely on the leaked material.

In addition, we get a glimpse of the new remote control. Or at least the top half. We see, among other things, a dedicated Google Assistant button. The video from which this material was extracted is from October 2019 when it was shared with developers. It may therefore be that a few things have been adjusted or changed since then. At the time of writing it is unfortunately not yet clear when Sabrina will launch with Android TV and how much we will have to pay for it when the time comes.