Take-Two still believes in traditional DLC

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Nowadays, publishers are increasingly looking at other ways to earn extra money from their games. Some companies see traditional downloadable content as old-fashioned and want to offer other services that may be more lucrative. However, Take-Two president, Karl Slatoff, has announced that they still believe in DLC.

Take-Two is the company that publishes games for, among others, Rockstar and even though Grand Theft Auto Online is very successful due to micro-transactions , the publisher is still very interested in offering extra content with a one-off payment. According to Slatoff it is still a lucrative model and it is very attractive for the consumer, because they can spend more hours in their favorite game. However, it ultimately depends on the game for which model will be chosen.

It is also awaiting what Take-Two plans with Red Dead Redemption 2. Is it for the publisher a game that traditional DLC fits or will to opt for micro-transactions?