Tactical shooter Insurgency Sandstorm postponed to 2019

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New World Interactive announced in in 2014 that the shooter Insurgency Sandstorm would come to the PlayStation 4. In 2016 became known that the game was planned for 2017, but still the game did not appear.

It really does not seem to go smoothly, especially now that the game is again postponed. The developer has announced via her website that the Insurgency Sandstorm has been postponed to the first half of 2019. The PC version will however just appear in September this year.

The reason for the new postponement is inform him that the developer wants to further polish the experience. Below is the statement by New World Interactive regarding the postponement

“It is important that we ensure that we deliver an overall solid experience that is as free and stable as possible regardless of platform. Rest assured we still have every intention to expand our community to console, it’s just going to need a little more time. We know this may be disappointing news to some of you. We’ve shown a lot of love (especially recently) from console players who are hankering for a child or hardcore gameplay like the one we provide. We want our new console audience to have a great first impression, and feel strongly that the extra time will allow us to accomplish this. “