T+A R 2500 R Integrated Amplifier is Launched

T+A R 2500 R Integrated Amplifier is Launched- The new T+A R 2500 R Multi Source Receiver is now available

In the R 2500 R, the design and performance of the R series are combined with the universal usability of a ‘One Box System’. Its sources allow for an almost unlimited selection of playback options, with its integrated DSD and PCM converters transforming digital signals into unique quality analog signals, which are then sent to external speakers via the built-in amplifiers with typical T sound quality. +A. The new R 2500 R is one of the first T+A devices to have access to the third generation of the T+A streaming architecture: it not only allows access to streaming services and USB sources but, for the first time, A T+A device can be controlled directly from the Spotify and Tidal mobile streaming apps through Connect Services.

Measuring 16.5 × 46 × 40.5 cm, the R 2500 R follows T+A’s philosophy of timeless reduction design: a few but carefully placed buttons interrupt the elegant front, whose characteristic phases create an almost perfect towards the side panels, while the entire body of the R 2500 R radiates the light shine of hand-brushed aluminum.

With 250 watts (4 ohms) of power per channel, the new audiophile G3 transmission architecture, native access to all major high-resolution digital sources, and a full range of audio and video options for connecting other devices, the R 2500 R shows that a receiver does not have to be inferior or less flexible compared to separate individual components in any way.

Deliveries of the R 2500 R will begin from Wednesday of next week. Contact your local T+A dealer today to experience a whole new category of audiophile receivers.