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SRX is our total assault on musical performance. Everything we’ve learned over 30 years is applied regardless of price or compromise in order to create compact cable geometry. We started with an exploded geometry that pioneered our original 2009 Galileo system cables to reduce crosstalk between individual handcrafted Silver Air String geometries for the most refined sound possible. So we voiced each wire to present not only a holographic soundstage with maximum resolution, but we made musicality and harmonic integrity our top priority when deciding what competitive design and tuning elements were within each wire. As a result, these are the purest sounding, effortless cables we’ve ever made.

SRX Speaker

SRX speaker cables are an exploded geometry with ten individual pure silver cables running in parallel separated by carbon fiber discs to eliminate crosstalk between conductors. Each leg has 2 4th generation Tricon geometries with Silver Matrix Conductors in a Teflon dielectric, 4 Air Strings handcrafted with 14 AWG 99.9999% pure American Silver in an air dielectric and 4 Air Strings handcrafted with 99 , 9999% purity Pure Silver Monofilament in an air dialectic.

Each SRX speaker wire has ten parallel wire geometries for a total of twenty wire geometries per pair. You can even order your SRX custom speaker cables with built-in carbon fiber cable risers with or without HFT tuning elements. The choice is yours. Of course, if you choose not to go for cable risers, you will still get HFTs embedded in strategically placed carbon fiber discs for maximum performance. And to make SRX speaker cables uniquely yours, each cable is equipped to accept two different UEF tuning bullets specially designed to give your speaker cables greater warmth and liquidity or greater air and resolution. Listen to the two included UEF tuning bullets and select the option that sounds best on your system.

SRX Interconnection

SRX interconnects use an exploded geometry comprised of 8 x Silver Air Strings per RCA and 12 x Silver Air Strings per XLR pair. Each Air String is handcrafted in our California factory from 99.9999% pure silver in an air dielectric with a UEF grid that runs the length of the wire to reduce the noise level and expand the sound field.

If we dissect the middle of each wire there is 14 gauge Silver Matrix solid core Ground Plane that connects directly to AC ground with a supplied ground plug. For a lower noise level, connect the Ground Plane to an active SR ground block. All Air Strings and Ground Plane run through carbon fiber discs to maintain separation between conductors to reduce capacitance and crosstalk between cables. Fitting cables to your system is easy with the supplied Gold and Silver SRX Carbon Fiber UEF filters. Gold will deliver a warmer, more liquid sound, while silver will increase air and focus. You decide between the gold and silver tuning circuits, one component at a time, by listening to your two options. After discovering which option sounds best, advance to the next set of interconnects until all options for custom system tuning have been exhausted.

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