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Streaming Sonos and music wirelessly: Everything you need to know

In this article we will explain the function of Streaming Sonos and music wirelessly - We will discuss everything you should known and aware
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Streaming Sonos and music wirelessly – If you want to stream and display music wirelessly throughout your home, Sonos is the solution. But, what exactly does Sonos offer and how does it work?

We all want it these days; easily listen to music at home without too many cables and preferably with speakers that can communicate wirelessly with each other. One of the bigger players in this market is Sonos. The company has grown considerably in recent years and now has a nice range of speakers and accessories. But, what exactly does Sonos offer and how does it work?

Introduction Sonos

If you are looking for a system that allows you to listen to music wirelessly anywhere in the house, Sonos is one of the solutions. The company has built up a good reputation in recent years when it comes to quality speakers and excellent support for apps and services. Sonos focuses on easy access to your digital music library, wherever you are in the house and whatever device you are working with.

This makes it easy to play music via a Sonos system with your smartphone, your tablet, your laptop and your desktop. In short, it is about ultimate ease of use for listening to music throughout the house. However, Sonos is of course not the only player. Newcomers such as Pure and BlueSound also see that this market is booming and well-known players such as LG, Philips and Bose have recently also introduced complete audio systems that can communicate wirelessly.

How Sonos Works

The big advantage of a Sonos system is that it is very easy to use and install. The principle is therefore simple; one Sonos device or accessory connects to your wireless WiFi network and then provides access to your local or online music collection. You can then link up to 32 Sonos devices and components, all of which communicate with each other via its own secure network.

Sonos offers support for your own music library, for example stored on your smartphone or your NAS, but also has an extensive range of streaming services. For example, you can listen to music from Spotify and Deezer, among others , provided you have a subscription. There is also support for Qobuz , a music service that offers music in higher quality. Sonos has developed a special app  (free to download) for smartphones and tablets that allows you to create your own playlists, discover new music and access the various online streaming services.

The range of accessories and components from Sonos is now quite large. The company offers so-called Zoneplayers such as the Bridge and Play: 1 , which are basically all-in-one audio systems, and also has the CONNECT equipment with which existing devices and speakers in the home network and home cinema system can be connected to the Sonos network. to become. The company has also had its own soundbar and subwoofer in its range for a while, which can therefore be connected to your TV and thereby connect to your Sonos network so that you can play music wirelessly.

Setting up a Sonos system is a breeze. If you have a company speaker, for example a model from the Play series, you can easily connect it to your home network using the Sonos app for your smartphone or tablet. Since software version 5.1, a special bridge is no longer required for this. Sonos does have the Boost recently launched, an accessory that creates a stronger and more stable network for your Sonos equipment. When one accessory or speaker is connected to your network, you can easily add other Sonos speakers or components to the network. These speakers and components can be placed throughout the house. You have the choice of playing different music in one room than in another, you can play the same music everywhere or group specific rooms and create islands with the same music.

Is Sonos everything you need and the perfect system? Not for everyone. Sonos systems are reasonably closed, so there is no support for Bluetooth, for example; everything runs through the app and your network. AirPlay is also not supported, but you could still connect an Airport Express to a Sonos speaker. Something that is not yet supported is high-res audio . It is unclear whether the company is working on this.

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