Stream games with Nvidia GeForce Now now available to everyone

Nvidia GeForce for everyone: Cloud streaming for games has been gaining popularity recently and Nvidia wants a piece of that pie too
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Nvidia GeForce for everyone

Nvidia GeForce for everyone: Cloud streaming for games has been gaining popularity recently and Nvidia wants a piece of that pie too. The company is making its own service, Nvidia GeForce Now, available to everyone immediately.

Nvidia GeForce for everyone

With GeForce Now you can use the cloud to play games. This gives you the power to play PC games anywhere and on any device, regardless of the speed or specifications of the device. You upgrade to a gaming installation by virtually adding a GeForce graphics card to your PC, Mac, Shield or Android phone. The service is similar to Google’s Stadia, but an important difference is that you don’t have a console in the cloud, but use your own game platforms like Steam and Epic Games to play your favorite titles. GeForce Now, however, adds a graphics card found in high-end gaming PCs, but in the cloud and streamed to your device. The platform is designed to play games in 1080p at 60fps. Most importantly, this service connects you directly to the games you have already purchased from the digital game stores where you own them, or the latest free-to-play games (currently around 30). In total there are hundreds of games available from over 50 publishers that, once you own them, are available to play immediately. All of these games are automatically patched to the cloud, so your library is always game ready. To use Nvidia GeForce Now you need a subscription that costs 5.49 euros per month. However, there is the option to play for free, but this is limited to one hour at a time (as often as you want) and you may have to queue during busy times. If you want to get started right away and have no restrictions, you pay 5.49 euros per month, but Nvidia already indicates that that price will probably go up after the first year. Currently the service can be used on a Mac, PC, Nvidia Shield TV and Android smartphone. Later this year, support for Chromebooks and Android TV will also be added.