Store and share your files via pCloud’s secure cloud storage

Is the 10 GB of free storage not enough? Then you can also purchase additional storage on Store and share your files via pCloud's secure cloud storage.

Store and share your files via pCloud’s secure cloud storage: Our lives are increasingly taking place online. Not only do we fully share our lives via social media, we also communicate more and more online via official bodies. You don’t want important documents, photos and other data in the wrong hands, but what’s the best way to keep them? Think about pCloud, Europe’s most secure cloud storage. You can keep your files safe, share them when needed and have access to your files anytime, anywhere.

pCloud for secure and easy-to-use storage

The good news? You can join pCloud for free and receive up to 10 GB of free storage. Your data is stored in a highly secured and certified data center in the European Union according to the strict Swiss data protection laws. Your files become nasty pCloud sent with TLS/SSL encryption and saved with first-class security measures like 256-bit AES encryption for all files. Your data and files are stored in three server locations simultaneously for maximum security. You can also easily back up Dropbox, Facebook, OneDrive, Google Drive and Google Photos.

All this is not at the expense of user-friendliness, on the contrary. pCloud considers ease of use to be of paramount importance. You can easily access all your files and important data without the need for technical knowledge. Use pCloud for Windows, for MacOS, Linux or use the simple apps for iOS or Android. You can always access your files wherever you are. And with file sharing, you can easily send photos or other documents to whoever you want. You decide who can view your files and documents and no one else.

pCloud’s secure cloud offers Extra layer of security

Thanks to the free storage, your files are already well protected. Is this not enough and do you want to store all your files encrypted and protected with a password? Then take a look at the pCloud Encryption plan, also called pCloud Crypto called. It allows you to encrypt sensitive files on any device and make them invisible to others.

Whether it’s work-related or personal documents, videos and photos. You want to keep this sensitive data safe. Via pCloud Crypto, client-side encryption software is used that no one can hack. Even the administrators of pCloud can’t access your files. At the launch of this Encryption subscription, pCloud challenged hackers from all over the world to put the encryption system to the test. Participants from top universities like Berkeley, MIT and Boston, along with 613 other organizations, have not all managed to break in. So your data is really safe with pCloud.

For you as a user, using the encrypted folders is very easy, just as easy as copying a file. Place them in the special encryption folder and your files will be protected extremely effectively. Choose from two different pCloud Encryption plans. This subscription costs 49.99 euros annually, but you can also immediately take out a lifetime subscription for 125 euros. So you can be assured of unbreakable military-grade encryption for all time via client-side encryption, zero-knowledge privacy and a very user-friendly way of encrypting and decrypting files.

Lifetime subscriptions for pCloud’s secure cloud

Is the 10 GB of free storage not enough? Then you can also purchase additional storage through a subscription. You can choose from a Premium 500 GB subscription or a Premium Plus 2 TB subscription. Especially with the latter, you have an unprecedented amount of storage of no less than 2 Terabytes. Assuming about 5 MB per photo, you can store no less than 400,000 photos.

You can take out these subscriptions for one year. You then pay 49.99 euros for the Premium subscription and 99.99 euros for the Premium Plus subscription. However, you can also lifetime subscription shut down. This is a one time spend forever. Premium 500 GB costs 175 euros, while Premium Plus with 2 TB storage costs 350 euros. And then you are ready for the rest of your life and you can enjoy secure storage of all your files forever. Isn’t even that 2 TB of storage enough? Then it is good to know that with pCloud lifetime subscriptions you can get up to 6 TB. You pay 350 euros per step of 2 TB. Annual subscriptions are even available up to 10 TB. You pay 99 euros per step of 2 TB. And have you taken too little storage? You can upgrade to a higher step at any time.