Stax SR-X9000 electrostatic headphones

Stax SR-X9000 electrostatic headphones launched. The ear pads are made of breathable lamb leather which ensures fatigue-free listening pleasure.

The manufacturer Stax announces a new flagship in the field of electrostatic headphones. The SR-X9000, which will be available from mid-October 2021, should even surpass the previous house reference SR-009S in terms of quality. The Stax SR-X9000 is an open over-ear electrostatic device in an aluminum housing.

Stax SR-X9000: technology and details

According to the press release from Audio Trade, a way has been found to further improve the electrodes that have been used in the SR-009S. The Stax SR-X9000 comes with new MLER-3 electrodes, which have a larger metal grid and are intended to radically minimize reflections.

In addition, an ultra-thin plastic film enlarged by 20 percent was used. This should not only result in a linear frequency response (Stax specifies the range from 5 Hz – 42 kHz here), but also an “outstanding dynamic and spatial representation”.

Nice to look at from all sides: the new Stax SR-X9000 headphones

The ear pads are made of breathable lamb leather, which ensures fatigue-free listening pleasure even during long listening sessions. The 432 gram headphone will 7,250 euros costs. The models Stax SRM-T8000, SRM-700T and SRM-700S are recommended as suitable amplifiers.