Spotify wants to support locally stored music

Spotify supports local music as If you have music files on your phone, you usually need your phone's player to actually listen to it.
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Spotify supports local music : If you have music files on your phone, you usually need your phone’s player to actually listen to it. That is somewhat illogical, because the chances are that you also have music streaming service Spotify on your phone. Many people would like to see locally stored music playable within that app as well. That seems to be coming now.


Jane Manchun Wong, who dives into the code of apps more often to spot possible new possibilities, says Spotify is coming with the option. It would in any case involve playing local music inside Spotify on Android. Of course it is possible to listen to that music while there is no active internet connection. It is not yet known whether this is only available to premium users or also people who use the free variant of Spotify.

Wong has already discovered a lot about the new option, although it has not yet been officially confirmed by Spotify. Once the update is there, you can go to Settings and then consult the files that are on your smartphone. This allows you to play the music within Spotify.

Spotify supports local music

It is one of the many new options that seem to be coming to Spotify lately. There seems to be a possibility to create a kind of Stories within the app, as you can see in Instagram, WhatsApp and many other apps. Potential changes have also been spotted in the podcasts, one of the big stars of Spotify this year. You saw that among other things Spotify Wrapped, in which you can see your annual statistics of what you have listened a lot. A lot of attention was paid to podcasts, whether you listen to them a lot or not.

Whether and when all these adjustments will come, that is still a question mark. Spotify has not yet made any statements about this itself. In any case, it usually does that quite shortly before the opportunity really arises. Undoubtedly to be continued.