Spotify tests playlists with your friends’ favorites

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Spotify is currently testing a new feature for the music streaming service. Some users see playlists in the picture that contain the favorite songs of their friends. You can also listen to someone else’s Discovery Weekly.

Spotify tests new playlists

A large group of users have recently gained access to new playlists that Spotify is currently testing. Although the group is getting bigger, the company confirms The Verge that it is still a test and that the function is not yet rolled out to everyone. There is now a playlist in which the songs of the Discover Weekly’s of your friends are collected. Of course that is possible now, but your friends must have shared these lists publicly on their own profile.

In addition, there are also lists of your friends’ favorite songs. With such playlists Spotify can ensure that the music streaming service gets a much more social character. Moreover, it is certainly hilarious to see which guilty pleasures your friends have on the service, artists that you never actually hear about because they might be a bit ashamed of it. When this function is rolled out to all users, it is unfortunately not yet published by the service at the time of writing.