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Spotify HiFi subscription present music in higher quality

Spotify HiFi subscription is going to introduce later this year which will ensure availability of music at highest level for music lovers

Spotify will introduce the Spotify HiFi subscription later this year. This additional service makes it possible to stream music in higher quality than Spotify currently offers. With this, the company will compete with, among others, Qobuz and Tidal.

Spotify HiFi subscription

It special HiFi subscription offers lossless music, which simply means there is no compression over it. The quality must be comparable to that of a CD. The service comes as an option on top of an existing subscription and is a much-requested extra according to Spotify. The subscription will be compatible with Spotify Connect speakers.

The price of a HiFi subscription is not yet known, but Spotify has been testing for a while with promotions for selected users. For example, in 2017 a number of users were given the opportunity to stream lossless music for a price of 5, 7.50 or 10 dollars. This is on top of the standard price of 10 euros per month.

This subscription should be released later this year and will be rolled out in phases to different regions. Whether the Netherlands and Belgium will also have direct access to the service is as yet unclear. The price will also be announced at a later time.

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