Spotify extracts music from R. Kelly from playlists because of new policy

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Music streaming service Spotify has announced that it has taken rapper R. Kelly’s music from all (non-personal) playlists, because of the new policy. The company does not want to promote artists who have shown “despicable behavior.”

R. Kelly from the Spotify playlists

Spotify now uses a new policy which states that artists who have shown “despicable behavior” will no longer be promoted in public playlists. That has led to the music of rapper R. Kelly no longer to be found on such lists, such as Rap Caviar, because the man has long been accused of sexually undesirable behavior and more. The music of such artists is not removed, because there are still people listening to it, but there is no question of promotion in lists.

At the moment there is no mention of other artists who no longer find in public playlists. The new policy also states that hateful content no longer has a place on Spotify. That is content where violence or hatred is expressed on the basis of race, religion, gender identity and sexual orientation. The company then looks at the complete cultural context and could also remove content in the future. The new policy is composed with lawyers and an LGBT and religious organization.