SPL Performer s1200: Stereo power amplifier with studio genes

Once again there is news from SPL- SPL Performer s1200: Stereo power amplifier with studio genes

Once again there is news from SPL: With the stereo power amplifier Performer s1200, the manufacturer, who is particularly well-known in the studio sector, is introducing a powerful amp that benefits both optically and technically from the genes of the large m1000 mono power amplifiers.

SPL Performer s1200 power amplifier: details and performance

First a look at the power: 2 x 520 watts at 4 ohms or 2 x 300 watts at 8 ohms is provided by the new power amplifier. SPL praises the detailed, lively and musical sound, which is said to result primarily from the special VOLTAiR technology. Due to the high internal voltage of 120 volts – according to SPL – the operational amplifiers are supposed to be “idling”, so to speak, even at high levels.

The output stage can be controlled via cinch as well as XLR, trimming potentiometers on the rear allow an exact level adjustment – separately for both channels.

Power pack with XLR and RCA input: the new SPL Performer s1200 power amplifier

The Performer s1200 has protective circuits that protect the output stage from DC voltage and overheating. The latter is unlikely to happen anytime soon, as the new SPL power amplifier comes with massive heat sinks – and for safety’s sake also with six fans that provide cooling for long, demanding assignments.

The SPL Performer s1200 power amplifier is available in various color variants for optical adaptation to the living room or listening room: with a choice of black, red or silver front as well as three magnetically adhering decorative panels in the same colors that are included in the scope of delivery – this results in nine possible variants.

The power amplifier is available now – for the price of 6,499 euros.