SOULUTION presents its new 7 Series Preamplifier

SOULUTION presents its new 7 Series line with two new products, the 727 and 757 preamplifiers.

SOULUTION says, “Following our credo: Add nothing, Leave nothing, we challenge ourselves by asking the question: “Can we add less and leave less compared to what we have already achieved?”

“SOULUTION’s new 7 series products are designs from the ground up and clearly surpass their highly praised predecessors. Key improvements for the new 727 preamplifier…»

Features of the 727:

  • Noise reduced by approximately 20dB
  • Bandwidth pushed to 20MHz, thus reducing phase errors in the audio band
  • Common Mode Denial increased by 20 dB
  • Channel separation is increased by 30dB
  • immeasurable distortion

The sonic performance of the 727 preamp has been taken to another level.

The soundstage becomes wider and deeper, with more air around the instruments and performers.

Higher resolution meets more realistic musicality. There’s even more weight and authority in the bass, while the smallest details are worked out with more finesse.

New Soulution 757 Deemphasis Preamplifier:

The Deemphasis 757 preamp reveals the full potential and beauty of vinyl with all its subtle tonal variations, dynamics, musicality and refinement, while keeping the musical signal intact.

It reproduces musical details that are true to life and creates three-dimensional spatial sound for real, emotional listening pleasure.

The new Deemphasis 757 preamplifier is associated with MC/MM cartridges, DS Audio optical cartridges, as well as the direct outputs of the tape heads.

De-emphasis curves are user selectable for vinyl as well as for tape heads, and allow for perfect playback setup for all analog records in your collection.

Its innovative input stage improves common mode rejection without compromising noise performance and allows output impedance to be optimized with resistive and capacitive loads according to the requirements of the connected capsule.

This ensures that no detail of the music signal is lost any longer at the inputs.

For a purely analog playback system, the Deemphasis 757 preamp can be connected to power amplifiers without any preamp or volume control in between.

Gain (-60dB to +80dB) is adjustable to the required level in 1dB steps and the ultra-wide, very fast-throwing Class A output stage (20 MHz/–3 dB, 1.5A) drives even long crossovers with ease.

Stable and quiet power supplies are key to a reference deemphasis preamp.

The required voltages are generated by a highly efficient switch-mode power supply and ultra-low noise, fast switching DC/DC regulators.

Production is expected for the last quarter of 2023.