Sony laser projectors VPL-VW890ES and VPL-VW290ES launched

Two new Sony laser projectors : The VPL-VW890ES and VPL-VW290ES offer a superior viewing experience thanks to the powerful processor «X1 for projector »

Two New 4K Home Theater Sony laser projectors with Advanced Image Processing Features and Exclusive Enhancements for HDR Playback

Two new Sony laser projectors

The VPL-VW890ES and VPL-VW290ES offer a superior viewing experience thanks to the powerful processor «X1 for projector »

Sony has just announced the market launch of two new projectors with native 4K (4,096 x 2,160) resolution for Home Theater applications equipped with the new «X1™ for projector ”, an optimized version for video projection of the powerful image processor used in Sony’s BRAVIA range of televisions. The repository of technological advances made by Sony over decades in the fields of film and professional broadcasting, the ‘X1™ for projector »combines innovative high-precision frame analysis technologies, allowing you to maximize the potential of such advanced features as Dynamic HDR and Reality Creation 4K processing, the latter exclusive to Sony.

Two proposals for enjoying life-size 4K cinema: the reference model VPL-VW890ES (left) and the incredibly affordable – for the features it offers – VPL-VW290ES (right).

Thanks to this significant addition, both the model with a laser light source (Sony Z-Phosphor technology) VPL-VW890ES (brightness level of 2,200 lumens) and All-Range Crisp Focus (ARC-F) optics as the most affordable – in this case equipped with a state-of-the-art conventional lamp- VPL-VW290ES (1,500 lumens brightness level) offer an absolutely immersive viewing experience that allows the content creator’s intent to be more faithfully displayed through true-to-life detail and textures for a wide repertoire of applications ranging from high-end residential and commercial systems to high-end commercial systems. custom installations (CI).

The most brilliant technological innovation shared by the two new Sony is the “X1 for projector”, a version developed specifically for video projectors of the prestigious X1 “chip” incorporated in the highest level televisions of the Japanese firm’s BRAVIA range. Combined with exclusive algorithms, the processing power of the aforementioned “chip” allows substantial improvements in the handling of the most complex animated images.

Common features of the VPL-VW890ES and VPL-VW290ES

Dynamic HDR enhancement: Thanks to the processing power of the «X1™ for projector ”, a more detailed analysis of HDR content is performed compared to previous generation models. This enhanced HDR functionality analyzes each scene using a unique algorithm developed by Sony to deliver an optimized contrast ratio when viewing HDR content, making light scenes brighter and dark scenes deeper. The dynamic range of contrast and brightness is further expanded as a result of the use, in the case of the VPL-VW890ES – also the VPL-VW790ES, presented in September 2020 – of a laser light source and the most advanced version of the celebrated Dynamic Iris from Sony.

This simulated image reflects the dramatic improvements in HDR content reproduction brought about by the “X1 for projector”.

Sony’s “Reality Creation” upscaling technology: In this case, the «X1™ for projector »analyzes each scene to enrich 4K content and true-to-life details and textures. As a consequence, it is possible to drastically increase the level of detail – and therefore the resolution – of content recorded in Full HD, resulting in an image quality that is perfectly comparable to the best 4K content.

SXRD panels with native 4K resolution: The two new Sony incorporate an image generation system based on three of the exclusive SXRD matrices with native 4K resolution (4,096 x 2,160, that is 8.8 million pixels per matrix) from the Japanese firm. Thanks to a physical structure that virtually eliminates the boundaries between pixels, both the VPL-VW890ES and VPL-VW290ES exhibit, whatever the size of the projected image, rich and intense black tones, as well as clear movements and fluid and richer, more vivid colors than a conventional projector.

The formidable ARC-F (“All Range Crisp Focus”) optical compartment that equips the VPL-VW890ES model allows it, in combination with a next-generation Z-Phosphor laser light source developed by Sony, to achieve levels of resolution and uniformity. unprecedented whatever the dimensions of the projection screen used.

Professional-grade optical block for the VPL-VW890ES

Borderless image quality: One of the most significant engineering features of the VPL-VW890ES is that it incorporates an ARC-F (“All Range Crisp Focus”) lens that provides exceptionally consistent image quality across the entire projection screen. Remarkably sophisticated, this lens includes a total of 18 glass elements arranged in 15 groups that allow it to reproduce with extreme precision the signal generated by each of the 4-micron pixels of the SXRD arrays. Likewise, its optics include 6 extremely low dispersion (ED) elements arranged in such a way as to control the dispersion and thus guarantee a coherent focus throughout the entire color spectrum even at the outermost edges of the screen.

The VPL-VW890ES and VPL-VW290ES will respectively replace the VPL-VW870ES and to VPL-VW270ES. Like their predecessors, these new projectors also feature an effective latency reduction mode for video games that dramatically increases response speed so gamers can enjoy the most realistic experience possible.